In With the Old

15 Oct

I had a great time at the SOWA market last weekend. My usual SOWA routine includes buying fresh bread and some herbs that rarely get used while finding more stationery to add to my endless collection. I then top it off with eating a cupcake from the cupcake truck – my favorite is chocolate salted caramel. Anyway, this time I did something different. I dove into the Antiques market with ideas in hand. It was time to mix it up!

I LOVE mixing antiques into my modern decor, particularly treasures from the 1960s/1970s. I have lamps, mirrors, paintings and glassware from decades past and I get compliments on these things all the time. No, it’s not from ABC Home or Crate and Barrel, it’s a throw back piece from a yard sale! Here’s a rather poor picture of the new lamp I scored for $25. The shade alone is worth more than that! I placed it on a round, dark wood finish table and it is FAB.

Here are three of my local hot spots for treasures.

SOWA Market (closes October 31 for the season) (hint: come with ideas in mind – it’s a mish mash)

Streamline Antiques (hint: great spot for funky salt and pepper shakers!)
I love the idea of a modern glass dining table with kitschy kitty cat shakers.  The bright colors are fantastic.

Brimfield Antique Market If you haven’t been to Brimfield, you can’t possible understand how amazing it is. This overwhelming antique market takes place three times a year in Brimfield, MA. The shows for 2010 are done but planning for 2011 has begun! The first show is slated for May 10-15. Rent a truck, take a day off of work (the weekend is MAD so a Friday is best) and get to it! (hint: go with a wish list – otherwise you’ll be overwhelmed and you’ll leave with a boatload of useless stuff).

Leather Makes it Better

I love me some leather. Streamlined, modern leather chairs are my current obsession. See image – original 1964 leather duo. I wish I had room in my place for a pair but sadly I do not. Lack of space doesn’t dissuade me from searching though! Usually retro leather furniture (in good shape) is costly. For those who like the look but don’t care for old textiles (I know many that fall into this camp), check out Restoration Hardware’s new line. I am in LOVE with this chaise – dreaming of a taupe suede lumbar pillow, a good book and a cup of tea…

So, if you’re looking for something new to add to your home and enjoy pieces with character and history, go antiquing and see what you find! Don’t be afraid to mix up styles and colors – the best decorating palette is your very own.


Style Girl


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