Jaunt to Portland

17 Oct

Fall in Maine – ahhh, pure bliss. THIS is why I live in New England.

When I think of Maine I think of hunter’s plaid, firewood and blueberries. But there’s more to it. This weekend we went up to Portland, Maine – a funky, small city on the coastline of the Pine Tree state. We started our overnight trip by heading straight to Freeport which is about 20 minutes north of Portland. This town is essentially an outlet frenzy with LLBean plopped down in the middle. I’m usually not a big outlet fan as I find them too busy and messy…the quality is sometimes lacking too BUT there are a few gems in Freeport. After raiding Cole Haan and JCrew and parading around LLBean we headed into Portland.

We stayed at a great place called Inn by the Sea. It was great – well designed interiors, dog friendly, direct access to the beach and beautiful autumnal views facing the water. After checking in we went to Crescent Beach with the dogs. They ran wild – our urban dogs were free! Got to love New England beaches after October 1.  Later, we went to our absolute favorite restaurant for dinner- Fore Street Grill. I LOVE this place. I always have something delicious here and last night was no different. The shallot and gorgonzola pizza that I had to start my meal was heaven. If I had to name a place for my last supper, I am pretty sure I’d end up at Fore Street. So, if you go – check it out and be sure to make a  reservation. Other fun  places to eat include Becky’s Diner (best pancakes), The Chef’s Table (great lunch and snackies), the Standard Baking Company (amazing breads and goodies), Street & Company (casual dinner spot), The Lobster Shack (lostahhh in Maine is the best! this place is seasonal but there are plenty of other lunch spots in town that serve up lobster year-round)  and Caiola’s (my second favorite to Fore Street nestled in a cozy part of town). Portland is actually known for being a regional culinary gem so have fun exploring all the yummy spots if you go.

After a hardy breakfast the next morning at Becky’s, we grabbed the dogs and went out to Portland Head Light which is in Fort Williams Park. This place beautiful. It’s a must see if you make the trip. The we hit the shops… Portland is a major artisanal community so thank God I’m not into pottery or I would be in trouble. Still, there are loads of great shops tucked away in the city. Some of my favorites are:  Bliss (fantab knits and leather goods), Motifs (the perfect spot for a birthday gift), Chantal (mod shop with mod fashion), Nicola’s home (ahhhmazing candles and soft textiles) and Fetch (dog stuff galore).

With that, I’m off to slip on my new Twelfth Street black bat wing sweater – purchased in Portland, of course.


Style Girl


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