Second Chances

18 Oct

I believe in second chances. I really do.

Certain clothing stores have wowed us season after season and others continue to disappoint. We all have stories…times when our tried and true “go-to” store has failed us. This season I have stumbled upon a few success stories that are worth sharing.

L.L. Bean

Once a hunter’s supply store, L.L. Bean has been outfitting outdoorsy types since 1912.  It is known for quality and value and for having a relatively poor score on the style scale.  This year L.L. Bean has introduced its new Signature line. The new line has evolved the traditional “cozy” style to include great wrap dresses, beautiful leather footwear, and more modern lines. Some of the pieces actually look like something J. Crew would carry! I scored a pretty silk hunting scene blouse and a floral bohemian chic dress (think…Sienna Miller). The prices are right too. Check it out here.


Did I seriously just tell you to shop at Talbot’s? I think I did. Although still a bit stuffy, Talbots had reinvented itself a bit. In late 2008 they introduced a new chief designer (Chris Jackson from Calvin Klein) and it shows! The stores have a more youthful, modern vibe and feature a lot of fresh, on-trend colors that I am going crazy over. For example the dome button coat in cassis is adorable. It has a nice swing to it and carries a bit of a 60s vibe once on (yes, I bought it!). Another great find is a double ruffle jacket in this fun bubblegum color. Peruse the website – I bet you’ll be surprised!


This place has gone through more personalities than Lady Ga Ga but if you want to score trendy items that are of decent quality (vs. Forever 21 fall apart bargain), this may be the place. They are carrying a bunch of my favorite things right now such as sweater dresses (check out the cable cowl neck dress), a bunch of mini skirt options and fun colored tweed separates. With a price that can’t be beat and a new online store, you should give them a look.

I hope I’ve inspired forgiving behavior. Everyone deserves a second chance.


Style Girl


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