21 Oct

I saw a girl at lunch today who was wearing a black shirt, a purple skirt, purple shoes and a purple bag. I wanted to throw a bag over her head and drag her to the nearest department store . She needed help.

With the exception of the jumpsuit (a style I love but just can’t wear on my short self) and the stylish oh-so neutral pallet for fall (beige anyone?),washing yourself in one color should be avoided. No one wants to walk around looking like Barney. In addition to the costume effect, monochromatic looks can wash you out, make you appear bigger than you are (with the exception of black, of course) and makes for a dull outfit. Why not mix it up a bit? There are so many gorgeous colors and textures in stores this fall. Don’t be afraid to wear different types of plaid together, sport jewel tone sweaters with vibrant skinny belt s or wear a beige bag with red shoes. A mixed palette can work well, especially if you play to your strengths. Here are a few things to consider:

Skin tone – everyone’s skin tone falls into a different season. Understanding skin tones is important to picking clothes that will look best on you. For example, if you are a winter tone, you should avoid pastels. You can go online to learn more about your skin tone or go to your favorite make-up counter for a consult. My personal favorite in Boston is Bobbi Brown at Neiman Marcus in Copley.

Contrast – Instead of matching your clothes, try contrasting them with complimentary colors. For example…black looks great with bright blue and pink. Greens look fantastic with  blues and yellow and brown are a great combination. The rules that apply to great interior design, apply to fashion too so check out paint color palettes for new ideas.  Check out Benjamin Moore’s personal color viewer to expose yourself to new ideas and combinations – it’s a cool online tool.

Patterns – Mixing in patterns with your look is an easy way to avoid the matchy mess and keep it interesting. To avoid  overdoing it,  don’t wear two different bold patterns together – they’ll compete with each other and overwhelm your shape. Also consider the weight of the pattern – lighter weighted patterns/fabrics work well against heavier weights. Finally, consider distance – sometimes two patterns that are very different can work well together if they are placed far away from each other ( a shirt and heels, for example).

Friends, no one wants to walk around looking like an animated character. Don’t be afraid tomix it up and play with colors and patterns!


Style Girl


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