Pumpkins and Gourds, Oh My!

25 Oct

This past weekend I ventured to see good friends in Philadelphia. While it took us 7 hours to get there from Boston, it was all well worth it.  My good friend just moved into a gorgeous neighborhood on the Main Line (Ardmore) where all the houses are perfectly positioned and there isn’t a stitch of vinyl siding in sight. Most of the houses were adorned with fall decorations – pumpkins, hay, leaves, etc.  We ventured out to the pumpkin farm on Sunday to find our own harvest decor. While the “all you can carry for $19.99” deal was enticing, I was drawn to the rows and rows of oddly colored gourds. White, grey, yellow, green – it looked like a autumnal rainbow.

Pumpkins are for carving and eating – that’s about it. They are otherwise quite boring. Have some fun with color this fall and look beyond the basic pumpkins. Gourds come in a variety of sizes and colors (over 100!) and look great presented together. Not only do they make good outdoor decorations, but they work well inside too. Assuming they are kept away from moisture, your gourds should keep well until the Thanksgiving holiday so use them as centerpieces, on window sills and as stand-alone decor. You can use them as part of floral arrangements, place a group of small gourds in a glass bowl, carve out a piece and use them as votive holders or have fun with the kids and paint them. The list of gourd activity goes on (and on…)

If you’re looking for specific design ideas, check out this Better Homes and Gardens feature. Where can you get your hands on some? Check out your local supermarket or one of the many pumpkin farms/apple orchards in the area. A few of my favorites are Honey Pot Hill Orchards, Russell Orchards or Shelburne Farm.

I’m going to go enjoy my grey and white “pumpkins” now…


Style Girl


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