Coaching for Confidence

27 Oct

Confidence is the best accessory a girl can have. One of my dear friends is an image consultant and career counselor out of the UK (Confidence Inside Out). She has a great website that features articles and resources for women – all of which focus on building confidence. One of her features this week really caught my attention. She summarizes a new article in the Harvard Business Review that features Michelle Obama and her influence on style and trends in American Fashion. Just like Jackie Onassis, Michelle Obama and her fashion choices have been front and center in the media and American just can’t get enough. To read the Harvard Business Review article click here.

All of this got me thinking…is it Michelle Obama’s clothing that attracts so much attention or is it her confidence? There is something magnetic about her. Her smile, her poise and yes, her ability to mix J. Crew and Marc Jacobs into the perfect ensemble. If you’re dreaming of having the kind of confidence that comes with being Michelle Obama or that perfect woman in your office who looks great all the time despite working 12 hour days, personal coaching could be the perfect tool for you. Personal coaching focuses on individual growth and often involves goal setting and skill building. The programs are often flexible and can also be affordable. The benefit to a coaching relationship is that you’re not just setting goals with your self. You’re setting goals for yourself and with SOMEONE else – meaning there is accountability. There are many resources when it comes to coaching and counseling. You can identify a peer, a mentor, a career counselor or an individual consultant (like Confidence Inside Out). You can also search for local resources but keep in mind that going off of a referral is always best.

Whether you’re changing careers, changing your look or overcoming fears that have held you back from your potential, working with a personal (life) coach can not only be rewarding, but could possibly be life changing.

Here’s a little something to get you going!


Style Girl


One Response to “Coaching for Confidence”

  1. Maria November 5, 2010 at 10:48 pm #

    Dear Style Girl,
    thank you for the vote of confidence! Absolutely loving your blog.
    Although not completely sure of your identity, I think I have only one tres stylish friend in Boston that could pull this off.

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