31 Oct

I love Halloween. It’s a great excuse to act like a loon and dress a bit sleazy.

Every year our neighbors hold a local Halloween parade with the little ones. From there we meet up at each other’s houses to pass out candy and dive into homemade pizzas and vino. To finish off the night we watch a categorically bad horror film – Child’s Play is screening this year.

For these kitschy holidays, I turn to some of the masters such as Rachael Ray and Martha Stewart for inspiration. Rachael Ray has a whole site dedicated to October 31 debauchery! One particular idea that I LOVE is to create goody bags for children that include fun things such as candy, erasers and bubbles, instead of just the run of the mill Snickers bar. I also like her snack ideas for young and old including worms and eyeballs and salsa cheddar dip with witches hats.

Decorating the house for Halloween is one of my favorite things to do. I skip the bizarro Halloween flags and grave stones, but I am wrapping part of the front porch in “Caution” tape, playing scary music and stretching cobwebs throughout the rafters. I also got plenty of pumpkins, candles and hay – frightfully festive!

One thing I always get a bit tripped up on is the costume. Dressing up isn’t just for kids! Get into it!
Not sure what to be this year? Get some Hollywood inspiration – check out this fun feature from my favorite magazine,  Harper’s Bazaar. Whether you mimic a Hollywood star or not, be sure to use your imagination! Also remember that a little effort goes a long way and makes for that much more of a fun night. Not sure where to get a crafty outfit? Try Boston Costume, Garment District, or your local Target from cheap and cheerful solutions.

Have fun being tricky!


Style Girl


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