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The 20-Something Days of Christmas

30 Nov

Whether you celebrate Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanza or something else entirely, December probably still comes with gift giving and celebration. So get ready…Style Girl is coming to you with 2o-something days of fun holiday ideas. Need the perfect gift for your sweetie? Need to make a yummy candy cane martini for your holiday party? Looking for a sassy cocktail dress? Need to win the office Yankee swap? All of the above? I’m here to help. In the meantime, get in the holiday mood with ABC Family’s holiday programming, a trip to Target for your shiny, cheap decor and be sure to spike that eggnog!


Style Girl

Put a Feather On It

28 Nov

I am a huge fan of the feathered friend. Both in my decor and on my accessories. The all too popular feathered headband is such a fun look. The ultra feminine, 1920s vibe is what appeals to me most. It’s a great way to dress up your day wear and an even better way to add a bit of glam to your nighttime look. 

A few tips too wearing these feathered pieces:

1) Larger feathered headbands should be worn in the evening

2) Be sure the feathers are flush with your hair. The puffy pieces tend to resemble small hats. This is fine IF that’s what you’re going for but this is best for more formal occassions (great for weddings!)

3) Find colors that contrast well with your hair color. For example, blondes will look better with brown, greens or blues where darker hair might do best with gem tones.

Not sure where to find one? Well, walk into a mall and look around – you can’t miss them! I certainly have some favorites…

Galvin-ized Headwear has some great finds. These pretty shops is nestled in the South End and has some beautiful feathered headpieces.

Urban Outfitters also has some pretty, more affordable options.

Forever 21 sports even MORE affordable options (just know that these might be good for one wear)

Etsy – I swear I will go at least one week without pointing you to this fantastic site…I just don’t know when that will be!

Don’t fear the feather – have fun with it!


Style Girl

Black Friday Fun

27 Nov

Once a year the sales (and crowds) blanket stores like no other time of year. Welcome Black Friday – the much anticipated day after Thanksgiving. Now, I don’t get up at 4am for “doorbusters” or camp outside the mall to be the first in line, but for the last few years I have ventured to the stores bright and early with a list in hand and I am pleased to say I get over half of my Christmas shopping done at once.

Some call me nuts for going out shopping on Black Friday. So why do I do it? Here’s why:

1) Stock is what it is – Although it may be replenished between now and Christmas, new products won’t really be hitting the market so what you see, is pretty much what you get. It’s worth diving in early to get a sense for what’s out there and get first picks. Plus the sales are GOOD.

2) What I want – the hottest toys, the best colors and the choice sizes are all in the stores at the end of November. Mid-December? Not so much…

3) Enjoying December – I am pretty organized when it comes to the holidays. I try to make lists and get started on my shopping early. This allows me to really enjoy the month of December and spend the weekends enjoying the holiday parties and picking up last-minute fun Christmas goodies.

4) Nostalgia – there is something fantastic about kicking off the Christmas season the day after Thanksgiving. It makes me truly excited for the holidays. The trees, lights and decorations come out of nowhere and something about all of that seems a bit magical.

Missed the weekend sales? Do not fear. Other sales will hit the stores throughout the month AND CyberMonday (the largest online shopping day of the year) is on Monday, November 29th. So get to it!


Style Girl

Dress for Success

24 Nov

I’m not sure about you, but I really love volunteering my time. It feels good to know that I’m making a difference. That being said, there are many places that a girl can go to donate her time (and money).  I’ve chosen Dress for Success (DFS).

DFS is a great organization. It helps women build confidence and get positioned for the working world by providing both business attire and career counseling to its program participants. Most program participants have troubled backgrounds, having dealt with issues such as physical abuse, addiction or homelessness. DFS works with women to get them dressed and ready for work. Each woman gets a full suited outfit (shoes, outfit, bag, coat, etc.) as well as additional attire after she secures a job. Women may also attend workshops that deal with work/life issues and have access to computer services and career counseling. Best part? DFS services are offered free of charge. Although DFS receives program participants and partial funding from the Department of Social Services, it is a volunteer based organization and relies heavily on donations.

Want to help DFS? Please look in your closet and discriminate (what don’t you wear?) Donate gently worn business attire (suits, seperates, scarfs, shoes, blouses, etc.). All clothing items that are donated must be cleaned (dry clean with tags) before drop off. For drop off information in the Boston area, click here.

 DFS thanks you!


Stlye Girl

Sweet Treats

22 Nov

I love bite sized treats. I actually believe that smaller things tend to taste better but maybe that’s pushing it…

This past weekend I went to a party that had a very long table of yummy desserts. The desserts were a bit typical – brownies, pumpkin pie, cookies and a bit of trifle. Then, at the very end I spotted a tray of bright, tiny cupcakes. They were colorful and downright delightful. What was most amazing is how many types there were and how involved the decorating was. No offense to the host but these weren’t made in the kitchen.

These tiny treats were from Baked by Melissa. Located in NYC, Baked by Melissa offers a dozen types of tiny cupcakes for take home or delivery/shipment (for size reference these are a bit larger than a quarter). You can also create your own cupcake if you’re ordering more than 300. If you’re looking for something different to serve at your next cocktail party or something fab to bring to someone else’s – order from Baked by Melissa. Trust me!


Style Girl

Turkey Terrific

21 Nov

It’s all in the details. That is the truth. Holidays are the perfect opportunity to dive into the details and show some creativity. I’ve hosted Thanksgiving several times and love doing it. Here are a few fun, easy ways to add a dash of color and fun to your holiday. If you have other great ideas, please post comments!

  • Even if you have a small group, assign seating and use pretty place cards. It adds a level of sophistication to the meal. You can easily make your own – head to Paper Source to pick up pretty paper and seasonal rubber stamps.
  • Place small chocolate turkeys at each place setting. It adds color to the table and kids (and grownups too!) love it.
  • Use different colors and textures in your display. Just because it’s Thanksgiving does not mean everything needs to be brown and orange. For example, I love this print from Crate and Barrel.
  • Bring nature to the table! Use leaves, gourds and acorns as table garnish and grab some branches to use in a floral display.
  • Consider low table arrangements (I’m a fan of using 2-3 small bouquets). Not only are these easier to keep on the table during the meal but they also allow people to see each other across the table. If you’re more fond of candles, try low hurricanes or a statement piece like this treasure from West Elm.
  • Try to avoid a cluttered table. If you have a large table, then by all means, use your space and keep the food on the table but if you have a smaller setting, keep water, wine, rolls, butter and important condiments (like gravy!) on the table, but keep the food off to the side. You can still formally set the table and keep it elegant but work in the buffet element.
  • Have people bring dessert. Dessert is a fun way to allow people to contribute to your menu without the risk of duplication or poor taste potentially ruining the meal. Baking also takes time and if you’re preparing for the party, you won’t have a lot of extra time.
  • Have the iPod ready. Make your meal mix beforehand so no one needs to fuss with the music during dinner. Oh and please keep the TV off until the meal is over. College football is great to watch AFTER dinner.
  • Set up a kids table and make it fun! Create a chocolate centerpiece, use crayons and white paper as table cloths and set the table with creative plates like these from Etsy. Pottery Barn Kids often has great accessories for the season too.

My list could go on and on but you get the idea. Be creative, delegate some tasks have fun. Thanksgiving truly is my favorite holiday!


Style Girl

A Few of My Favorite Things

20 Nov

I’ve had a lot of new visitors lately, which is great. For all you newbies, a reminder to check out the “My Favorites” feature. I’m a girl with a lot of “favorites” so I decided that each day I would highlight one of my favorite things. No, not trying to channel Oprah here (although she just did release her 2010 list, btw)…just trying to spread the love. Check in daily!


Style Girl

Tell Me About It, Stud

19 Nov

Although I love a fun pair of chandelier earrings, I am an equal fan of the statement stud. Studs are perfect transition items – easily going from day to night. With a busy outfit (like a DVF printed dress, for example), big earrings can be distracting and borderline tacky but a fantastic pair of studs works every time.

I have a few favorite pairs. My most recent find was at Small Pleasures (the antique shop on the corner of Dartmouth and Newbury). They are a fantastic pair of 1/2 inch diameter pearls set on gold discs. Very 60s and I have convinced myself that Jackie O or one of her cousins owned them. Other personal favorites include my David Yurman prasiolite studs, my diamond earrings and my floral earrings from Erwin Pearl.

Looking to find some new studs? Check out some of these – they are all on my wish list!

Marco Bicego 18K Gold Studs – classic but in a cool, modern finish

KARA Snakeskin Covered Earrings – you had me at “snakeskin”

Smokey, Sparkly Studs – affordable and sassy

Crystal Bloom – such intricate statement earrings

House of Harlow Sunburst – edgy and cool

Needlepoint studs – so pretty and old-fashioned

So the next time you get dolled up to go out, don’t ignore the short earrings in the corner of your jewelry box. They may just make the outfit!


Style Girl

Preppy Pup

18 Nov

I love my dogs. They are a beacon of unconditional love and they deserve the very best. So, I spoil them.

There are so many companies that make fantastic dog apparel, accessories and gifts. One of my favorites is Mascot. Mascot emerged on the market a few years ago sporting stylish, durable leads, collars and apparel for pups of all sizes. Some of my favorite Mascot treats?

Plaid leather leads/collars – how luxe and bright!

Lucky Devils – these are super cute toys that make “surprising” sounds over the traditional squeak

Collegiate Color Block sweaters – preppy, preppy, preppy…and so cute

Fishbon Ribbon Collar – this awesome punky collar is from their line for Vineyard Vines – Love!

Beach collars – these are really nifty…and useful (albeit maybe not in New England in the winter…)

You can shop online or find them in stores throughout the US. Here are some of the shops that carry them in the Boston area:

Louis Boston

Polka Dog Bakery

Four Preppy Paws

Durty Harry’s


Style Girl

Cheese Please

17 Nov

Like most people I know, I love cheese. I eat cheese too often, especially during the holidays. There is no escaping the warm baked brie sitting on the table or that delightful piece of havarti on my all time favorite cracker. Although cheese is impossible to avoid, it has become much easier to find less fattening cheeses that don’t taste like cardboard. So, if you’re hosting a holiday soiree, book club or your own personal pity festival, try to reach for a low-fat alternative. Here are a few that I think are quite good:

Alouette Light Garlic & Herbs spreadable cheese

The Laughing Cow Light Blue cheese

Athenos Fat-Free Feta

Cabot 50% Reduced Fat Cheddar

Jarlsberg Lite

A big wedge of brie (ok, ok…this isn’t supposed to be on the list, but how I can I NOT eat this? 😉 )

Two other helpful hints: try to eat before going to a party and nosh on the grapes and other platter side fruit to fill you up while you’re there.

Enjoy the party (standing far away from the cheese platter)


Style Girl

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