Flea Markets 101

3 Nov

I know that I’ve talked before about my love for things old and new. Finding a treasure at a flea market is the best. Finding the perfect spot for your treasure when you get home is even better. There are certainly tricks to getting the most out of flea markets because while it’s fun to find a gem, it’s all too easy to come home with a bunch of garbage. I found this great article on NYT.com written by designer and fellow antique lover Eddie Ross. You can learn more about him and his fantab decorating ideas at www.eddieross.com

Check out the article here

Want some quick tips for flea market success? Here are a few:

  • Go with a plan – research vendors beforehand and have an idea of what you’re looking for
  • Bring details – looking for an armoire? Don’t guess your measurements. Be sure to write down colors, measurements, floor plans, etc to ensure that what your purchasing will work in your space
  • Know when to buy – if you LOVE something and it’s unique, be careful walking away. Browsing at an antique market can be dangerous – it’s anyone’s game!
  • Negotiate – politely…instead of asking “how much can you give me this for?”, ask for a specific price so you have a foundation to bargain from.

Happy hunting.


Style Girl


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