Climbing Garnet Hill

4 Nov

I do a lot of shopping…particularly online shopping.  One result of this is that I get loads and loads of catalogs sent to my home. I feel totally irresponsible receiving so many when I throw 98% of them right in the trash but such is life. One catalog that I have learned to never overlook is Garnet Hill. I especially love Garnet Hill around the holidays. Their collection of home goods, toys, clothing and gifts never disappoints. Although it isn’t the cheapest place to shop, the products are high quality and distinctive. I’ll save my holiday favorites for another time but for now, here are a few of my favorite pieces in the catalog – I encourage you to check out the site when you have time…

Pima Floral Appliqué Tee – this pretty little blouse (see photo) is casual but elegant at the same time. Dress is up or dress it down!

Pretty ballet flats – ballet flats are still very on trend…in all colors and textures. Not only does GH carry a great selection but they are comfy and reasonably priced too!

My favorite robe – okay, this is a bit luxe but I NEED to have one. I don’t need to write any more about this because it speaks for itself.

Cozy afghan – There is nothing like a traditional, crocheted afghan to cuddle with on the couch. I love this version – just like Grandma’s but new for you!

Chunky gems – I wish I had long fingers. If I did, I would wear this ring. I love it so much that I may just wear it anyway!

Chic hippy chick – I don’t just like this dress…I LOVE this dress. And I will be buying this dress.

I hope you enjoy pursuing this site as much as I do. Feel free to buy me something while you’re shopping away.


Style Girl


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