Delightful Tea

8 Nov

Holidays = increase of spam and junk mail

I continue to not get discouraged by all the waste as there are some gems that appear in the piles of paper that land on my doorstep. Last week I found one with Tea. Tea is a clothing company that focuses on modern, global design. Although a bit pricey, the clothing is unique, high quality and downright pretty. Since discovering this line, I have mentioned it to some friends who have kids and have heard nothing but good things. So, I decided to share it with you.

What do I love in their latest catalog? Oh the list is long…but here are a few things that made me want to whip out my Amex…

Sweater set for bebe – this keepsake makes a great gift and is oh so sweet!

Handstitched sneaks – I love how homemade these look – super “simple” for your little one

Tile sweater dress – the design on this sweater dress is so rich and pretty

Vaci jacquard cardigan – this cardigan for mom is cozy and chic. Would look great with a pair of legging or skinny jeans

Notch front dresses – there are a bunch of brightly colored notch front dresses on Tea’s site that are to die for

Vests for all – little boys in vests are sooo cute. I wish I had a little boy just so I could make him wear a vest

As you start to think about shopping for the holidays, put Tea on your list. I know I will!


Style Girl


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