Put Your Stamp On It

15 Nov

Last year I received a letter from a friend and it had the prettiest return address stamped on it. Quite the “ah-ha” moment. Why wouldn’t you use a personalized rubber stamp? It’s easy AND elegant! I immediately ran out and got (a few) of my own. This time of year I am especially grateful for these little stamps. I send out over 200 holiday cards and stamping my return address saves me a lot of time (and hand cramping). I also like how it looks like I put a bit of effort into my holiday cards, particularly since I tend to send photo cards that require no personalization (a bit of an embarrassing thing to admit!)

Whether it’s for your holiday cards, your personal stationery or just your bills, pick up some of these crafty, pretty stamps. Where can you find them? Here are a few online spots that I know and trust:

Beau-coup – this is a great site for just about everything party pretty

Etsy – this crafty favorite of mine sells quite a few designs from paper shop Sweet Papery (out of Dallas, TX)

Paper Angel – this is where I actually bought mine. A bit old school on the ordering front but the stamps came out perfectly!

Happy stamping.


Style Girl


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