Turkey Terrific

21 Nov

It’s all in the details. That is the truth. Holidays are the perfect opportunity to dive into the details and show some creativity. I’ve hosted Thanksgiving several times and love doing it. Here are a few fun, easy ways to add a dash of color and fun to your holiday. If you have other great ideas, please post comments!

  • Even if you have a small group, assign seating and use pretty place cards. It adds a level of sophistication to the meal. You can easily make your own – head to Paper Source to pick up pretty paper and seasonal rubber stamps.
  • Place small chocolate turkeys at each place setting. It adds color to the table and kids (and grownups too!) love it.
  • Use different colors and textures in your display. Just because it’s Thanksgiving does not mean everything needs to be brown and orange. For example, I love this print from Crate and Barrel.
  • Bring nature to the table! Use leaves, gourds and acorns as table garnish and grab some branches to use in a floral display.
  • Consider low table arrangements (I’m a fan of using 2-3 small bouquets). Not only are these easier to keep on the table during the meal but they also allow people to see each other across the table. If you’re more fond of candles, try low hurricanes or a statement piece like this treasure from West Elm.
  • Try to avoid a cluttered table. If you have a large table, then by all means, use your space and keep the food on the table but if you have a smaller setting, keep water, wine, rolls, butter and important condiments (like gravy!) on the table, but keep the food off to the side. You can still formally set the table and keep it elegant but work in the buffet element.
  • Have people bring dessert. Dessert is a fun way to allow people to contribute to your menu without the risk of duplication or poor taste potentially ruining the meal. Baking also takes time and if you’re preparing for the party, you won’t have a lot of extra time.
  • Have the iPod ready. Make your meal mix beforehand so no one needs to fuss with the music during dinner. Oh and please keep the TV off until the meal is over. College football is great to watch AFTER dinner.
  • Set up a kids table and make it fun! Create a chocolate centerpiece, use crayons and white paper as table cloths and set the table with creative plates like these from Etsy. Pottery Barn Kids often has great accessories for the season too.

My list could go on and on but you get the idea. Be creative, delegate some tasks have fun. Thanksgiving truly is my favorite holiday!


Style Girl


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