Dress for Success

24 Nov

I’m not sure about you, but I really love volunteering my time. It feels good to know that I’m making a difference. That being said, there are many places that a girl can go to donate her time (and money).  I’ve chosen Dress for Success (DFS).

DFS is a great organization. It helps women build confidence and get positioned for the working world by providing both business attire and career counseling to its program participants. Most program participants have troubled backgrounds, having dealt with issues such as physical abuse, addiction or homelessness. DFS works with women to get them dressed and ready for work. Each woman gets a full suited outfit (shoes, outfit, bag, coat, etc.) as well as additional attire after she secures a job. Women may also attend workshops that deal with work/life issues and have access to computer services and career counseling. Best part? DFS services are offered free of charge. Although DFS receives program participants and partial funding from the Department of Social Services, it is a volunteer based organization and relies heavily on donations.

Want to help DFS? Please look in your closet and discriminate (what don’t you wear?) Donate gently worn business attire (suits, seperates, scarfs, shoes, blouses, etc.). All clothing items that are donated must be cleaned (dry clean with tags) before drop off. For drop off information in the Boston area, click here.

 DFS thanks you!


Stlye Girl


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