Black Friday Fun

27 Nov

Once a year the sales (and crowds) blanket stores like no other time of year. Welcome Black Friday – the much anticipated day after Thanksgiving. Now, I don’t get up at 4am for “doorbusters” or camp outside the mall to be the first in line, but for the last few years I have ventured to the stores bright and early with a list in hand and I am pleased to say I get over half of my Christmas shopping done at once.

Some call me nuts for going out shopping on Black Friday. So why do I do it? Here’s why:

1) Stock is what it is – Although it may be replenished between now and Christmas, new products won’t really be hitting the market so what you see, is pretty much what you get. It’s worth diving in early to get a sense for what’s out there and get first picks. Plus the sales are GOOD.

2) What I want – the hottest toys, the best colors and the choice sizes are all in the stores at the end of November. Mid-December? Not so much…

3) Enjoying December – I am pretty organized when it comes to the holidays. I try to make lists and get started on my shopping early. This allows me to really enjoy the month of December and spend the weekends enjoying the holiday parties and picking up last-minute fun Christmas goodies.

4) Nostalgia – there is something fantastic about kicking off the Christmas season the day after Thanksgiving. It makes me truly excited for the holidays. The trees, lights and decorations come out of nowhere and something about all of that seems a bit magical.

Missed the weekend sales? Do not fear. Other sales will hit the stores throughout the month AND CyberMonday (the largest online shopping day of the year) is on Monday, November 29th. So get to it!


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