Winter Boxes

5 Dec

Just because the temps are dropping doesn’t mean that flower boxes need to be put away just yet. There are a lot of ways to use flower boxes as a central part of your holiday/winter decor. Need ideas? Here are some of my favorites:

  • Plant winter greens that withstand cold temps – kale, is a good example of something that lasts through the winter season as are different winter vines. Holly is also another great option as it withstands low temperatures
  • Put decorative pine trees in your boxes. I’m sure you’ve seen all the tiny trees at the store – these can really look great
  • Pile up pine cones and greens. The different colors and textures make for a really nice box and it’s low (really, no) maintenance
  • Stick white birch and berry twigs in the soil. We just did this today and the box looks very wintery without looking over the top Christmasy
  • Fill the boxes with twinkle lights. Depending on the kind of box you have, little lights can really make it magical

If you need some ideas for box fillers, head out to Mahoney’s in Brighton or to the Winston Flowers Garden Center on Route 9. There are also a lot of online sites dedicated to gardening that have great ideas for those of you with a green thumb (not for the likes of me!). It’s also worth checking out HGTV online – I’ve found some great ideas here.

Enjoy the decorating.


Style Girl


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