Oh Christmas Tree! How Lovely Are Your Lights

7 Dec

There is something magical about a Christmas tree. It smells nice, it’s cheery and it brings back countless memories of past holidays. Putting up a Christmas tree, however, can be a real pain. Needles get everywhere, you have to unpack the ornaments and untangle countless lights. This year we have taken an easier route. We skipped the ornaments altogether. See, we’re heading out of town for a while right after Christmas so we decided that although we wanted to enjoy a tree we couldn’t possibly haul out all of the decorations only to quickly pack them up again on the 26th. The best part of this story? Our lights only tree looks great! We added more lights than usual to fill the space and the tree is now a glowing shrine in our living room. The trick is to get lights that are a bit interesting and to not string them too far apart. For example, these lights are similar to the ones we chose. If you want to try just using lights but really want a creative edge to your tree, check out some of these cool light ideas:

Icicle effect

Rainbow bright

Swinging 70s

Country camping



If some of these are too over the top for you, loads of bright white twinkle lights work just as well!


Style Girl


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