8 Dec

I love hot cider and I love it even more when it has a little spike in it.  Around the holidays we serve up hot cider pretty often. It’s a nice option for an after dinner drink and is definitely extra perfect on a freezing night (and in Boston there are many freezing nights!) So what goes into a hot cider drink? There are quite a few options, some more dangerous than others and some easier to make than others.

Here are a few of my favorite hot winter treats:

Classic – this is really just warmed apple cider with mulling spices. You can buy mulling spices pre-packaged or you can make your own. It’s essentially brown sugar and cloves, allspice and cinnamon. Usually the cloves and allspice are in cheesecloth and are soaked in the hot cider. Here’s a Bobby Flay recipe.

Tequila! – I am a big fan of Tequila and find that it works well with most mixed drinks (that might be my love of Tequila talking). It definitely tastes great with cider though. Try this cider hot toddy recipe on for size.

Rum and Ice cream – I’m an even bigger fan of ice cream and I KNOW that ice cream works well with almost everything. This buttery concoction is delish! Warm the cider (mulled is best) and then add rum and top with one small scoop of ice cream (or whipped cream) – YUM

Chocolate – Now my favorite drink as mentioned under “My Favorites” is a Peppermint Mocha.This has nothing to do with cider but it’s worth mentioning. Even though Starbucks may have your favorite drink waiting for you, there  is nothing stopping you from making something similar. What you need: Hot cocoa, peppermint schnapps, topped with whipped cream and a candy cane for stirring.

I’ve inspired myself…hot drinks at my house tonight!


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