Creative Wrapping

12 Dec

I love wrapping presents. I get it from my grandmother. She always gave us the most perfectly wrapped, shiny presents. Looking at them was almost as exciting as opening them. There are so many creative ways to wrap presents, how can you not have some fun with it? I thought I would share some of the ways that I wrap in case you’re desperate to go beyond the gift bag (which is sometimes the only way to go!)

Ornaments as decoration – I use small ornaments (1″ or smaller in diameter) as accents on my Christmas gifts. Sometimes I cluster them so the arrangement works as a bow or I just tie one on with the bow (see pic).

Candy – Garnishing presents with candy is really fun, especially for kids. Candy canes, bags of chocolate candies or lollipops tie nicely into the center of the bow.

Packaging for gift cards – There are a lot of nice ways to present a gift card. Shoving it in an envelope isn’t really one of them. Try putting in into a creative box like some of those offered at  The Container Store. You can also place gift cards in other gifts such as books, calendars, DVDs, etc. This year I bought mini stockings for most of my gift cards and I tied them onto other packages so the stockings worked as decorations.

Ribbon – I don’t really like the pre-made shiny bows. They usually fall off and have a tendency to look a bit cheap. I suggest buying a higher-grade wire ribbon (usually in 50-100 ft rolls). It’s sturdy and will often manipulate the way you need it to. It also gives your presents a fancy finish. You can get inexpensive options at stores like Target and Michael’s. Look for higher grade ribbon at Container Store, Papyrus or other high-end stationery stores.

Tags – I love tying on individual gift tags and writing little notes on each one. It makes the gift exchange more personal and definitely presents better than the sticky little “to” and “from” labels. To make it easy, buy the tags with the ribbon on them already or you can hole punch small cards and tie a ribbon through them.

Coordinating – It looks so nice when all of your presents are under your tree. It looks even nicer if they coordinate in some way. Ways to do this include using the same ribbon on all your presents or using different style papers that compliment each other. For example, one year my girlfriend went with the “brown paper packages tied up with stings” theme and her gifts looked so pretty. If you have a lot of people to buy for, you may want to coordinate the wrapping paper by family or gift type so it’s easy to sort.

Remember to use your present wrapping as an excuse to get creative!


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