Put a Muff On It

20 Dec

When I heard that earmuffs were making a comeback this season, I scoffed a bit. These things come in and out of style faster than the wind. Still, what I love about them is that they are both fashionable AND functional. I hate messing up my hair but I also hate cold weather so when winter arrives this girl is bundled up! Hats, scarves and yes, even the occasional pair of ear muffs.

So, where to pick up a pair of cute, trendy muffs? Here’s a list of a few of my favorites and yes, I just bought a new pair myself – fresh for the season!

J. Crew shearling – love the color

Cheap and cheerful at H&M – they have a great pair of leopard print muffs

Colorful Kors – love these orange muffs at Macys

New England hunting style – this plaid pair from Lands End (Canvas) are great

UGG muffs – this is a bit over the top paired with your UGG boots but very cute. I like the metal detail

Juicy muffs – this black pair is basic but still fun due to the funky texture

Muffs make for great stocking stuffers too so if you aren’t done shopping, add a pair to your list.

Keep warm!


Style Girl


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