Utter Bliss

21 Dec

I am so excited that Bliss has finally arrived in Boston! Not only do I love their products but their spa treatments are fantastic! Located at the new W hotel in the theatre district, the new Bliss opened a few months ago and has been gathering a following ever since. Why do I write about this now? For holiday gifts, of course! Services start at just under $50 and go up to $200. Both Bliss products and spa gift certificates make great presents for colleagues, friends or family (or for yourself!)

What’s my favorite treatment? Check out the Hot milk and almond pedicure. It left my feet super silky and it smelled sooo good! I also enjoyed the Peeling Groovy facial. I think I  saw fine lines evaporate.

What’s my favorite Bliss product? That’s a loaded question as there are quite a few but my top two are Fat Girl Slim (toning body cream) and their Body Butter. Both are guaranteed to please. To find more great products visit their site. You can get a lot of their products at Sephora as well.

So ditch Newbury for a bit and head on over to Bliss spa at the W. You can thank me later!


Style Girl


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