Quick Fixes for a Merry Christmas

25 Dec

The day has arrived! Are you ready? Is everything perfect? Well even if it’s not, Christmas is here regardless so you’d best face it. Every holiday comes with the “I can’t believe I forgot this” or “How did this break??” moments. I’m already experiencing a few of those things myself. Here are some quick fixes that can help rid you of holiday stress and help make your Christmas a little more merry…

Problem: A few lights started going out on the tree – and it’s obvious

Solution: You could always re-string the lights but that usually equates to a lot of work. Instead, tie bows or add more ornaments on select branches to hide dud lights. You can also tuck tiny packages into the tree that cover dark spots

Problem: You don’t have enough napkin rings

Solution: I have a few different ideas to solve this. The first is to iron the napkins so they are in crisp rectangles and simply lay them on top of the plates – this can look really nice. The second, roll the napkins and use twine/raffia to tie bows around them. Want something more holiday? Cut a few pieces of garland off your holiday decor, give it a rinse and let dry. Then wrap the garland around the napkins. Fake garland will knot easily, while real garland may require a small paperclip or other fastener.

Problem: You don’t have enough wine and beer

Solution: Break out the coffee drinks for after dinner and/or devise a signature cocktail that can be served throughout the night. This will help stretch your supply. Also have plenty of non-alcoholic options like seltzer and soda. Often times people will reach for these instead of the alcohol if they are legitimately thirsty.

Problem: You forgot a gift for your uncle

Solution: There are a few…

  1. Look around your house. I think that re-gifting or passing along gently owned things can be ok IF the items are in perfect shape and are truly thoughtful for the recipient (a book they would love, a frame that is in their taste, etc.) This is where the “thought” really counts.
  2. You can wrap up wine or a nice bottle of unopened liquor.
  3. Make a gift certificate (kind of an IOU) for a local restaurant or service that they may like
  4. Take advantage of tools like Groupon or Ruelala Local – anything good for the day?
  5. CVS, Rite Aid and others offer gift certificates to stores and restaurants – pop over to check out what’s left
  6. Make a donation to a charity on his behalf (warning: this only works if he’s the philanthropic type)

Remember, it all works out. Just get creative!


Style Girl


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