SALE time

26 Dec

The presents are unwrapped, the nostalgia has waned and you’ve eaten enough sugar cookies to last you until next December. You’ve got a few things to return and a pocket full of gift cards. Time for the holiday sales! But buyer beware…don’t get too crazy about the need to return and purchase all at once…a few post-holiday rules to live by:

  • If you need to swap for color or size, do that as soon as possible
  • Don’t feel the need to spend your gift cards now. You might want to wait until Jan/Feb for spring clothing or for newer models of what you’re looking for
  • Only return for something you want. Assuming you have a gift receipt, you won’t lose value from the original sale so don’t settle for the Wii game or sweater color that they have in stock if it isn’t what you want. You’re better off going back after the new year
  • Go early. If you plan on attacking the stores the day after Christmas head over in the morning. By the afternoon it will be a madhouse
  • Consider using your gift cards online. Shipping is usually free this time of year and the selection is almost guaranteed to be better than stores. Some sites like DealCatcher can help you navigate online sales

Remember these two rules:

  1. Patience is a virtue
  2. The early bird gets the worm

Both apply to after Christmas shopping…


Style Girl




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