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5 Jan

I recently took a winter jaunt to Rome where I spent an inordinate amount of time eating, drinking and wandering the windy streets looking at old things. A fantastic trip. The best part? The fashion. These people know how to dress. Fine fabrics and beautiful tailoring are just the beginning. Their mix of color and their modern, streamlined design just floored me. I, of course, helped the Italian economy while I was there by purchasing a few pairs of shoes, a little something from Gucci and a few other bits and pieces but I’m lucky my husband was with me or I would have probably sent us into bankruptcy.

Some of the most fun things to witness were basic street trends. There are quite a few things trending there that trend here (can’t get away from those damn UGGs!) but there were plenty of other things that were original and playful and definitely worth reporting on. Here are some observations:

  • Timberlands – they LOVE the classic Timberland boots. They were everywhere
  • Shiny puffy coats – not just puffy coats but SHINY puffy coats. Like this. Men, women, children and pets…everyone had them
  • Shorts and tights – we see it here too, I know but most of the woman put an Italian spin on it. They wear knee socks or thigh highs OVER tights that are under shorts. I don’t think this is for warmth, it’s clearly for style. It looked cute albeit a bit complicated
  • Low riding skinny jeans on men – not much to say on this sad piece of news except for that the pocket embroidery is a bit over the top…
  • Berets/Newsboy caps – every other third man I saw was sporting one of these hats. They are very, very cute
  • Shoulder bags – every woman was sporting an over the shoulder bag – big, small, and otherwise. It’s very on trend which is a bit tough for us petite girls
  • Kids in skinny jeans – yes, really. I must admit that a 3 year old in skinny jeans is quite the sight
  • Frizzy hair – au natural is in and so is the teaser comb. We saw a lot of women with teased-out hair that looked like a mix of shabby chic and a bit icky ick
  • Layering – like here in the US, there is a lot of layering going on in Rome. Long tees, long sweaters, cardigans and capes of every dimension. The winter look is definitely cozy

If I can think of more I’ll add comments to this post. The fun fashion definitely made for some great people watching!


Style Girl


2 Responses to “Trending: Rome Fashion”

  1. Marisa January 6, 2011 at 8:14 am #

    Loving this blog! No time to figure out the styles so I just check here. Love your summary of the Italy styles–proud of myself to have a shiny puffy coat 🙂 but timberlands?! What do they wear them with? What kind of jeans are the women wearing–brands & skinny vs wide leg?

    • stylegirlbos January 7, 2011 at 10:49 pm #

      Thanks, Marisa! I didn’t see much boot cut or wide leg pant wearing in Rome. It’s all still skinny/straight leg. So, Timberlands were worn with a lot of leggings and fitting pants. Hope this helps!

      Warning to all readers re: Timberlands – they take a while to break in so be very careful wearing a new pair out and about. Guaranteed blisters!

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