Crazy Sale At Flat of the Hill

22 Jan

Some of you may know about this sale but just in case you don’t, I feel it is my duty to tell you about it. About twice a year, Flat of the Hill in Beacon Hill offers a crazy sale on luxe handbags. Why? To clear out inventory and gain some creative advertising. It’s a sale that is NOT to be missed. It includes brands like Botkier, Kooba, MZ Wallace and Lauren Merkin.

Let me give you an example of how fabulous this sale is. I purchased this Botkier bag at Flat of the Hill yesterday. It retails for $595. I got it for $135. Crazy!

Merchandise is limited and it changes daily. The sale will last until the inventory is gone, but that usually only takes a few days. Do you need a better reason to head over to Beacon Hill today? I think not!

Please comment if you find a great bag. I would love to see it!


Style Girl


One Response to “Crazy Sale At Flat of the Hill”

  1. Koren January 24, 2011 at 10:21 pm #

    I found myself a Botkier Logan tote in a dark gold snakeskin print – retails for $625, got it for $144! I also got a bright yellow patent Lauren Merkin clutch.

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