Great Grommet

30 Jan

There is a wonderful site that I want to introduce you to. It’s called Daily Grommet.

Daily Grommet, a Massachusetts-based company, is a very cool and innovative online marketplace. What’s a grommet? According to them:

  • It’s a wonderful product still waiting in the wings, just ripe for discovery.
  • It has great utility, or style, or invention. Or, very often it has all three.
  • It comes from a designer, or inventor, or artist, or manufacturer who is clearly passionate about what they create. Someone who loves to share their creations and talk to people about why they do.
  • Daily Grommet is the birthplace of Citizen Commerce. This has resulted in pages and pages of interesting, well-priced, original products for consumers to enjoy. The combination of Daily Grommet’s committment to community and appreciation for creativity makes it an online gem. After perusing the site for a while, I found a few things that I just love:

    Super cool swaddling blankie for bebe

    A mod/punky cuff that’ll look great with a white button-down or a black dress

    Whoopie platter – perfect for parties!

    Bright, attractive yoga mats and slings – so difficult to find!

    Hammocks rock – especially this portable one

    Taza makes some of the best chocolate around – trust me!

    These garden bon-bons are the perfect gift for those with (or without) a green thumb

    I am in love with these placemats. Perfect for summer entertaining.

    So take a look at Daily Grommet. I bet you’ll find something special!


    Style Girl


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