A Room Redeux

3 Feb

There is nothing better than redecorating. It’s good for the soul. Last year I decided that my second bedroom needed a major facelift. I worked with my friend, Jenna Contreras of JC Interiors, to recreate my boring spare bedroom/office into a welcoming, bright guest room. Here is a before picture…

I gave Jenna a few guidelines to work with:

  1. Stick with white furniture (the bed was rather new)
  2. Keep the brown curtains (they were expensive)
  3. Use a new pillow reminiscent of Moroccan mosaic tile as inspiration (I had just bought it at Mitchell Gold and was in LOVE with it)
  4. AND to try to not make the room too feminine (no purple rugs, etc…)

Did I also mention that I had about $1,500 budget? Not the easiest client…

Jenna sold me on a vibrant coral/orange color for three of the four walls. We then wallpapered an accent wall in a metallic trellis pattern to add light to the room while providing a visual break from the intense color (I would have never thought of doing this). In order to stay on budget, we worked  with some existing pieces but also ordered some new things including a dresser, some shelves and some key auxiliary pieces to complete the furniture arrangement. A new drum ceiling light, some simple framed artwork and accessories added a modern character to the room.

Tall narrow bookcases were placed in the room corners, adding storage for books and accessories. To further open up the room, and increase the “sparkle”, custom mirrors were affixed to the backs, turning basic utility into a showcase for display. Additional accessories were added throughout the room in order to make it welcoming.

It was so fun working with Jenna to create this space. She pushed my creative thinking and added great perspective (as well as focus – I’m the woman with a million ideas!). A year later, my beautiful guest room has to again be transformed (sniff, sniff). This time into a nursery! Who will save me from a sea of pastel color? Jenna.

If you need help brainstorming color scheme, redesigning a room or assistance with home staging, consider using a professional. It will make you a little more daring and is guaranteed to result in a room that’s better than anything you could have done on your own. Want to chat with my Jenna? Drop her an email: jenna@jcinteriors.com

Not yet ready to hire someone but need a good book to help you get your initial brainstorm going? Buy The Book of Decorating by Domino. This is a fantastic book and is guaranteed to get the creative juices flowing. It’s also a great reference guide to have on hand.

Get winter off your mind and start decorating!


Style Girl


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