Unexpected Beauty

6 Feb

One of the best parts of decorating is putting together things that magically compliment each other, often by surprise. For example, pairing reds and purples, mixing brown leather accessories with light-colored furniture, trying adventurous paint colors, or cutting stems of flowers that are entirely unnatural together.

I thought of this today when I cut a few large stems off a dying poinsettia and put them in some shorts vases with bright-colored mums. I didn’t think it would work…the colors and textures were a bit off…but to my surprise, it did. I was so happy with my little creation that I thought it warranted a post (see photo). Here’s the lesson – try everything. Try anything! If it doesn’t work, it’s doesn’t work but don’t be afraid to throw caution to the wind. A few bumps in the creative road are normal and often lead to a better end product.

Have any surprising moments lately? Want to share any small decorating or fashion successes? Write-in!


Style Girl


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