Dear Love…

8 Feb

Valentine’s Day is a week away. Most women I know hate this holiday – even those who are coupled off. For many, the holiday does very little but lead to bad television commercials and disappointment. Let me tell you something ladies… I love Valentine’s Day. I think it’s a good-intentioned, cheerful, fun holiday that brings light to our dark winter days.  Not only do I love February 14 because it gives me the perfect excuse to eat as much chocolate as I like and stare at happy window displays in all the shops but it gives me an excuse to get creative and you all know I love that. 

One of my favorite winter activities is to send Valentine’s cards to my parents, family and  friends. February 14 is the perfect day to express love and gratitude to the people in your life that make you smile. Have you ever sent a Valentine? Why not? I send out about 20 a year. Yes, I know I’m a bit old school with the mailing of cards but it’s such a nice surprise to open your mailbox and get a card out of the blue. Most people won’t expect to receive a Valentine so it’s even that much more rewarding. In years past I have made my cards (although not this year, I found this great set that I’ll be sending). Not necessarily from scratch but with existing kits like this one from Paper Source. You can find a lot of great stationery at Paper Source, as well as custom stamps, labels and craft kits. Another shop to pop into for supplies and card kits is Michaels. I particularly like the Martha Stewart line.

Sending cards and treats to kids is always a ton of fun. They love any reason  to celebrate! I often get seasonal cups at Target or Crate and Barrel, fill them with treats and drop them off to my nieces and nephews.  They love the attention and I love seeing them smile.

Want to send something but not into sending cards? Try sending along a plant, a book, or a heart-shaped cake (this one from Harry and David is delicious or a cookie cake from Mrs. Field’s is always a sweet treat).

So, get ready. One week to go. Don’t have plans? Go out with your girlfriends. Haven’t sent your Valentine’s cards? You have time. Unsure of what to get your man? Try a night away, a cooking class for two or concert tickets.

Celebrate the love you have in your life. February 14 is a good reminder to do so.


Style Girl


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  1. kimberly February 19, 2011 at 9:56 pm #

    your good

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