Meet JHill Design

15 Feb

Boston has so many gifted artists. I’m always amazed by the people I meet at different galleries, exhibits and markets. I’ve recently learned of a great Boston-based graphic designer who specializes in very modern, bright prints. Meet Jennifer Hill of JHill Design. You’ve probably seen her work out and about (see print at the right). Her prints are fantastic and her interests varied. Not only does she produce a wide range of “Map prints” but she also has a very cool line of animal prints and stationery.

Although Jennifer keeps a South Boston studio and works local stomping grounds like the SOWA market, her work is sold in boutiques around the country. Most recently, she was commissioned to do a piece for Oopsy Daisy – the wildly popular children’s decor site. What about her other lines? A friend of mine is looking at JHill for her mod wedding invitations while I just ordered a 39 x 39 canvas print of  “E is for the Elephant” which will be the central design element in my new nursery.

If you haven’t had a chance to get to know her work, stop by her website – you can even shop online! If you like color and modern design, she is sure to become one of your local favorites.


Style Girl


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