Store of the Week: American Provisions

26 Feb

I just ate a yummy brownie. It may have been the best brownie I have ever had. I bet you want one now. Well, if you head over to American Provisions gourmet food shop in South Boston you can have one for yourself.

This new foodie haven opened up on the corner of East Broadway and I Street in December. It’s a welcome addition to the neighborhood full of quickie marts (see great write up on here). The airy, farm-style shop aims to offer a variety of locally sourced items (following along with the very on trend “farm to table” concept) and carries droves of gourmet cheeses, quality meats, baked goods and additional shelves and coolers full of goodies – many of which are organic.  I don’t live in the neighborhood but I have heard great things about this little spot so I stopped over today while running errands and picked up some treats since my sister is coming into town this weekend (as though I needed an excuse). What was in my shopping bag?

Tate’s Macadamia Nut cookies, Taza Dark chocolate rounds, fresh Italian fusilli, Scarpetta Pink Pesto sauce, Batch ice cream (salted caramel and vanilla bean), Pemberton’s Death by Chocolate sauce,  Boursin cheese, cherry tomatoes, a fresh baguette and that yummy brownie. Can we say mid-afternoon cravings? I didn’t even hit the gourmet cheeses and meats – you can only imagine.

So pop over to American Provisions and pick up some treats for your next social gathering (or for your own enjoyment). Warning: Don’t go hungry.

Located at 613 East Broadway, South Boston


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