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Spring’s Most Wearable?

29 Mar

Boston Globe Magazine put out their quarterly Style feature this past weekend. I’m rarely wowed by the content in these but there are always a few things that catch my eye. This time there were three things that made me pay attention:

  1. “The Sunset Lip” – a reinforcing article about how orange and coral tones are the new red
  2. “Carried Away” – a recommendation for the hottest Spring bag, the Rebecca Minkoff “Swing” bag in orange – I wholeheartedly agree!
  3. “Spring’s Most Wearable” – This highlights three runway trends: All white outfits, Wide-leg pants and Longer skirt hems that all work in the realway – particularly at the office. I think wide-leg dress slacks are classic for work and for warm weather (love them in linen) and that an all white emsemble works well as long as there is variation on tone and some great accessories thrown in. I am, however, having trouble with the new longer hemlines. Maybe it’s because I’m petite but I feel the same way about this as I do about Capri style pants. Anything that cuts you off at mid-calf is worth avoiding as it’s rarely flattering.

Check out the feature online. What do you think? What is Spring’s most wearable runway trend?


Style Girl

Store of the Week – Mulberry Road

27 Mar

Kids seem to be getting a lot of attention these days. Maybe it’s because we feel less guilty spending money on children than on ourselves. Or maybe it’s because the market for children’s toys and attire is as creative, accessible and fashionable as ever. There are a lot of new shops in the Boston area dedicated to our little loves (just walk into the Natick Collection if you need proof). One of my favorite shops, however, isn’t part of the new crowd, but has fast become a favorite in Boston for kids gifts and clothing. Welcome to Mulberry Road.

Mulberry Road is a vibrant, welcoming shop tucked away in a pretty brownstone on Gloucester Street. Carrying some of my favorite brands such as Zutano, Tea and Manhattan Toys, Mulberry Road is one of the first places I stop when I am looking for a great gift. Owner Sandy Nelson does a great job carrying a unique mix of products while carefully balancing her stock between cute and funky. Some of my favorite items are the graphic tees by Glug, Plain Mary burp cloths, Trumpette socks and Livie and Lucs’s shoes.

So pop into Mulberry Road and don’t forget to get your items gift wrapped – they do a great job with that too!


Style Girl

Denim, Denim Everywhere

25 Mar

If you have opened any Spring magazines you know that denim is back in a big way. I’m talking about full denim outfits – head to toe . I must admit that the idea of dressing in a denim tuxedo scares the hell out of me…I have visions of the Brady Bunch that I just can’t shake. Still, denim is fresh, easy and great for Spring. You won’t see this girl sporting any full ensembles like you see in this feature but you will see plenty of denim pieces and blue-tones in my closet.

Here are a few of my must-have denim pieces for Spring.

Denim heels – love the color contrast on these. They look comfy too

This casual jumper is great for weekends

Flared jeans. Yes, they are back and “bigger” than ever. Good for us petite women who want to create the illusion of long legs. I like these by Paige Denim

A great denim bag. A bit luxe but this Gucci number is a favorite of mine

Juicy Couture designs some of the best blazers – this twill blue jacket would look great with white pants

I think this girly dressy dress from Club Monaco would be a great closet add. Love the bodice stitch

A new denim jacket is a must. Love this one by Paul & Joe

This Calvin Klein dress is great. Perfect for work or play

Some denim trends you won’t see me in? High-waisted jeans (way too trendy and generally unflattering), the denim suit (horrid unless bought high-end) or short shorts (my short legs and um “athletic” thighs don’t work well with tiny short UNLESS I pair them with a super high heel for nighttime fun)

If you’re looking for more ideas, check out this Elle denim guide.


Style Girl

Best of the New(ish)

21 Mar

It’s Spring! No, it doesn’t feel like Spring but it’s true – Spring is here. That means it’s time to go shopping.

I’m not sure how I missed this feature…must have been the post-holiday/post-Rome fog I was in during January but I stumbled across this “best shopping” story on last night and wanted to share it with you. It’s the Globe Magazine editors take on some of the best new shopping in Boston. Most of the shops opened at some point in 2010 and the range of location, product and price point is great.

Check out the feature here

What are my new favorite stores? Oh the list is a bit long but I can safely say that Ted Baker is my new go-to for bright, fun clothes, DVF ‘s arrival was long overdue (her shop has a much better selection than the department stores can offer), Eurobaby is one of the coolest consignment shops around, Hotel Chocolat is great for hostess gift-giving and Forty Winks always has the best pretty underthings. Also check out previously written up stores such as Flock and Twelve Chairs.

Need help finding some good shops? I just learned about this new Boston guide to boutiques called
The site allows you to search for boutiques based on merchandise, location, cost and sales. Check it out!

Time to make that Spring shopping list!


Style Girl

Congress Street Dynamic Duo

16 Mar

I’ve found yet another dynamic duo. Meet Jill Rosenwald and her husband Lawrence McRae. I had the pleasure of meeting them a few weeks ago when I went to pick up a print from Jennifer Hill on Congress Street. I walked into the shared studio and was instantly taken back by the amount of talent living in one space. Graphic designers, painters, writers and ceramic artists came together to create. Gotta love it.

As I walked in, I was instantly distracted by some gorgeous navy lamps and a funky cream-colored bowl. That’s when I literally ran into Jill in the hall. I asked her if the items were for sale and she nearly laughed. Of course they were.

Jill Rosenwald creates interesting and colorful pottery. Her lamps and bowls are fantastic and she has a range of designs that have been licensed for other products. Her aesthetic ranges from Southwestern folk to coastal modern and her work is carried in boutiques around the country. I’m in love with some of her recent pieces such as the vases that are pictured here, this tray and this bowl. You can find a range of her products on both her website and on Etsy.

After we talked about her work for nearly a half hour, I noticed a nearby shelf full of softer colored pottery. This pottery was different. It wasn’t as vibrant, it wasn’t as whimsical…it was cool, sophisticated, and more intentional. I asked her who the artist was. It was her husband, Lawrence McRae. Lawrence designs intricate, modern pieces – all of which are painstakingly hand carved and fire glazed. The amount of detail put into each piece is impressive.

After browsing around I wound up falling in love with one of his lamps (similar to the one pictured here). I had to have it. It wasn’t optional. So, I got it. I came in to pick up a print I had already purchased from another artist and I left a little poorer but the owner of a very cool lamp.

To learn more about these artists, visit their profiles on Etsy. If you’re interested in talking with them about their work, email them directly:

Jill –

Lawrence –

And don’t miss the Fort Point Channel Art Walk in May. Like me, you may stumble upon some works of art to call your own.


Style Girl

Store of the Week – Flock

14 Mar

You all know how much I love to see new shops flourish. Meet Flock – an eclectic, pretty store nestled away on Shawmut Ave in the South End. Flock was opened in late 2009 by daughter/mother team  Lisa and Danielle Kupsc. What’s so great about this shop is that it doesn’t look like every other boutique in Boston. There’s a little funk, less prep and a whole lot of pretty. The mix of high-end and lower-end options can appeal to every age (and budget) bracket and the dress selection is near endless. Lisa and Danielle love to feature up and coming designers and also love color. There is nothing mono-chromatic or predictable about their buying which makes for interesting browsing and an electric floorspace. The bold display of antique furniture and vibrant seating near the dressing room adds that little extra something and makes for comfy lounging too.

I walked in yesterday on a whim and met a new friend right away – one of their adorable dogs (an interesting mix of lab and basset hound). He stayed with me as I shopped around – admiring fantastic trinkets by Megan Park and AK Vintage. I then proceeded to try on a few things…falling in love with the Lauren Moffat dresses and the supple t-shirts by Adie and George. So, what did I end up with? A Coreylynn Calter blazer (LOVE her stuff!!) and a blousy tunic by Built by Wendy (which will look fab with footless leggings and heels).

If you haven’t had a chance to visit Frock, then pop over. I bet you’ll find something unique, colorful and downright fun. Located at 274 Shawmut Avenue.


Style Girl

A Little Loco Lolita

11 Mar

Last Tuesday I headed over to Lolita Cocina with a group of my girlfriends for dinner. I had heard great things about this new Mexican hot spot on Dartmouth so the bar was set kind-of high for my first time experience. I walked into the restaurant at 7:30 only to find a dark, empty hall. There was no one there to greet me and I felt a bit lost. It wasn’t until I walked into the bar area around the corner that I found anyone to check in with – not a good start. She told me I was the first to arrive from my party. After waiting for a few minutes, I ran into one of my girlfriends. She too had checked in and had been there for a while…clearly I wasn’t the first. Disorganization at its finest.

Once we were seated we were given their fantastic menu which features a strong creative flair by chef Juan Manuel Reyes and an impressive list of Tequilla and specialty drinks. Next up was the delivery of their standard chips and salsa. But WOW- these chips were some of the best that I’ve had in Boston (versus Papagayo in South Boston which has some of the worst, oily chips in town). We  sat there for about 15 minutes before our waitress returned to take our order. Aside from the guacamole we ordered, the food took its sweet time coming to us as we didn’t eat dinner for nearly an hour.  We enjoyed some delicious treats during the meal such as mahi mahi tacos, queso fundido with chorizo and verde rice. There were also a few misses such as a soupy black bean puree, dried out pulled pork tacos and a very large piece of undercooked chicken (always a bad sign that the kitchen is rushed). Our dessert was decadent – chocolate cake and caramel ice cream – but the best (and probably strangest) part of the meal is when we were presented with a large, freshly spun stick of cotton candy with our bill. It was 10:15…you can do the math….we’d been there a while.

A fun, lively, loud spot – Lolita is definitely worth checking out. It is, however, plagued with newness which means it could be a bumpy, slow ride. I give it a B- for large group meals but think it could be a better experience to go for just drinks and munchies – skip the big meal until they have their service straightened out.

Located at 271 Dartmouth.


Style Girl

Beware of the Inexpensive LBD

8 Mar

Sometimes things are too good to be true. I was recently combing through a recent issue of Glamour where there was a feature on LBDs (Little Black Dresses) for under $79. These dresses looked like something that crawled out of the Junior’s section at a cheap department store. They didn’t even hang well in a staged photo shoot. Imagine what they would have looked like on a real person?? Here’s the thing – I am all for finding a good deal as there are many good deals to be found. And I do believe that you can dress well on a budget. I don’t, however, believe in buying inexpensive wardrobe basics (especially evening wear). For context:

Here are two dresses that Glamour suggested are great finds for under $79…

Satin dress with mesh top – $35 at Charlotte Russe

Spiral maze dress – originally $78 at Modcloth

Satin ruffled dress – $80 at Express

The satin is cheap, the hem is confusing and the look is a little too high school. The LBD is supposed to be classic! Sophisticated, sexy, sharp – all of the above. Now let me show you a few dresses  that are SO much better and SO worth the extra investment…

Sexy shift from Max Mara

Great Spring cotton dress from J. Crew

Pretty neckline and cute with flats from Ann Taylor Loft

Cool crepe from White House Black Market

Asymmetrical number from David Meister

So look for the deal but be careful of the cheap…you’re worth the money!


Style Girl

Store of the Week – Legacy Place

6 Mar

For the first time in months, it was over 50-degrees today. I wanted to go out to lunch, pick up some baby furniture, buy a birthday present, run to the bank, do some grocery shopping and find a new Trish McEvoy lip gloss. I got it all done and the best part was that I only had to go to one place.

I’m not one to usually give props to large-scale shopping complexes that harbor chain-stores but I think that Legacy Place in Dedham is an exception. Legacy Place opened last summer and gave to Metro-west something it didn’t have before – a bright, vibrant place to shop, eat, drink and play. The bonus? Fresh air.  Before it moved in the closest place to shop was the overcrowded South Shore Mall and most parents had to haul up to Boston to entertain their kids.  Now Dedham has one of the best movie theaters around, over ten great restaurants in one place, a massive Whole Foods and a perfect mix of small and large shops. The developers also did a great job of making this outdoor mall quite pretty so it makes for a nice walk.

So if you feel like taking a drive out of the city and need to get a little of everything done, head down to Legacy Place. The change of scenery will do you good.


Style Girl

Another One Down – Rugged Bear

4 Mar

Well, times are still tough and only the toughest (or the new and exciting) survive.

Rugged Bear, a delightful children’s clothing store with 29 locations around New England is shutting its doors. That means liquidation. featured a short story on it yesterday afternoon. Their website appears to be down at the moment but here’s a list of their locations. It’s worth stopping in over the weekend to see what you can find.

Note that the sale will continue until all merchandise is sold. Rugged Bear stores will honor gift cards, merchandise credits, and membership program benefits. All sales are final.



Style Girl

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