Store of the Week – Legacy Place

6 Mar

For the first time in months, it was over 50-degrees today. I wanted to go out to lunch, pick up some baby furniture, buy a birthday present, run to the bank, do some grocery shopping and find a new Trish McEvoy lip gloss. I got it all done and the best part was that I only had to go to one place.

I’m not one to usually give props to large-scale shopping complexes that harbor chain-stores but I think that Legacy Place in Dedham is an exception. Legacy Place opened last summer and gave to Metro-west something it didn’t have before – a bright, vibrant place to shop, eat, drink and play. The bonus? Fresh air.  Before it moved in the closest place to shop was the overcrowded South Shore Mall and most parents had to haul up to Boston to entertain their kids.  Now Dedham has one of the best movie theaters around, over ten great restaurants in one place, a massive Whole Foods and a perfect mix of small and large shops. The developers also did a great job of making this outdoor mall quite pretty so it makes for a nice walk.

So if you feel like taking a drive out of the city and need to get a little of everything done, head down to Legacy Place. The change of scenery will do you good.


Style Girl


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