A Little Loco Lolita

11 Mar

Last Tuesday I headed over to Lolita Cocina with a group of my girlfriends for dinner. I had heard great things about this new Mexican hot spot on Dartmouth so the bar was set kind-of high for my first time experience. I walked into the restaurant at 7:30 only to find a dark, empty hall. There was no one there to greet me and I felt a bit lost. It wasn’t until I walked into the bar area around the corner that I found anyone to check in with – not a good start. She told me I was the first to arrive from my party. After waiting for a few minutes, I ran into one of my girlfriends. She too had checked in and had been there for a while…clearly I wasn’t the first. Disorganization at its finest.

Once we were seated we were given their fantastic menu which features a strong creative flair by chef Juan Manuel Reyes and an impressive list of Tequilla and specialty drinks. Next up was the delivery of their standard chips and salsa. But WOW- these chips were some of the best that I’ve had in Boston (versus Papagayo in South Boston which has some of the worst, oily chips in town). We  sat there for about 15 minutes before our waitress returned to take our order. Aside from the guacamole we ordered, the food took its sweet time coming to us as we didn’t eat dinner for nearly an hour.  We enjoyed some delicious treats during the meal such as mahi mahi tacos, queso fundido with chorizo and verde rice. There were also a few misses such as a soupy black bean puree, dried out pulled pork tacos and a very large piece of undercooked chicken (always a bad sign that the kitchen is rushed). Our dessert was decadent – chocolate cake and caramel ice cream – but the best (and probably strangest) part of the meal is when we were presented with a large, freshly spun stick of cotton candy with our bill. It was 10:15…you can do the math….we’d been there a while.

A fun, lively, loud spot – Lolita is definitely worth checking out. It is, however, plagued with newness which means it could be a bumpy, slow ride. I give it a B- for large group meals but think it could be a better experience to go for just drinks and munchies – skip the big meal until they have their service straightened out.

Located at 271 Dartmouth.


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One Response to “A Little Loco Lolita”

  1. Joan March 13, 2011 at 7:44 pm #

    Excellent information. I’ve been meaning to try Lolita and your comments match what I’ve been hearing. Its still on the list for me, and I think I’ll start with small group chips and drinks. Thanks.

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