Congress Street Dynamic Duo

16 Mar

I’ve found yet another dynamic duo. Meet Jill Rosenwald and her husband Lawrence McRae. I had the pleasure of meeting them a few weeks ago when I went to pick up a print from Jennifer Hill on Congress Street. I walked into the shared studio and was instantly taken back by the amount of talent living in one space. Graphic designers, painters, writers and ceramic artists came together to create. Gotta love it.

As I walked in, I was instantly distracted by some gorgeous navy lamps and a funky cream-colored bowl. That’s when I literally ran into Jill in the hall. I asked her if the items were for sale and she nearly laughed. Of course they were.

Jill Rosenwald creates interesting and colorful pottery. Her lamps and bowls are fantastic and she has a range of designs that have been licensed for other products. Her aesthetic ranges from Southwestern folk to coastal modern and her work is carried in boutiques around the country. I’m in love with some of her recent pieces such as the vases that are pictured here, this tray and this bowl. You can find a range of her products on both her website and on Etsy.

After we talked about her work for nearly a half hour, I noticed a nearby shelf full of softer colored pottery. This pottery was different. It wasn’t as vibrant, it wasn’t as whimsical…it was cool, sophisticated, and more intentional. I asked her who the artist was. It was her husband, Lawrence McRae. Lawrence designs intricate, modern pieces – all of which are painstakingly hand carved and fire glazed. The amount of detail put into each piece is impressive.

After browsing around I wound up falling in love with one of his lamps (similar to the one pictured here). I had to have it. It wasn’t optional. So, I got it. I came in to pick up a print I had already purchased from another artist and I left a little poorer but the owner of a very cool lamp.

To learn more about these artists, visit their profiles on Etsy. If you’re interested in talking with them about their work, email them directly:

Jill –

Lawrence –

And don’t miss the Fort Point Channel Art Walk in May. Like me, you may stumble upon some works of art to call your own.


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One Response to “Congress Street Dynamic Duo”

  1. christine moynihan March 17, 2011 at 4:52 pm #

    You made a great find discovering Jill Rosenwald and Lawrence! I worked with them when they were getting started a dozen years ago (or so!) and I am so glad to hear they are doing so well! Such talent! Keep an eye on them and their collections. You will continue to be inspired and impressed!

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