Denim, Denim Everywhere

25 Mar

If you have opened any Spring magazines you know that denim is back in a big way. I’m talking about full denim outfits – head to toe . I must admit that the idea of dressing in a denim tuxedo scares the hell out of me…I have visions of the Brady Bunch that I just can’t shake. Still, denim is fresh, easy and great for Spring. You won’t see this girl sporting any full ensembles like you see in this feature but you will see plenty of denim pieces and blue-tones in my closet.

Here are a few of my must-have denim pieces for Spring.

Denim heels – love the color contrast on these. They look comfy too

This casual jumper is great for weekends

Flared jeans. Yes, they are back and “bigger” than ever. Good for us petite women who want to create the illusion of long legs. I like these by Paige Denim

A great denim bag. A bit luxe but this Gucci number is a favorite of mine

Juicy Couture designs some of the best blazers – this twill blue jacket would look great with white pants

I think this girly dressy dress from Club Monaco would be a great closet add. Love the bodice stitch

A new denim jacket is a must. Love this one by Paul & Joe

This Calvin Klein dress is great. Perfect for work or play

Some denim trends you won’t see me in? High-waisted jeans (way too trendy and generally unflattering), the denim suit (horrid unless bought high-end) or short shorts (my short legs and um “athletic” thighs don’t work well with tiny short UNLESS I pair them with a super high heel for nighttime fun)

If you’re looking for more ideas, check out this Elle denim guide.


Style Girl


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