Spring’s Most Wearable?

29 Mar

Boston Globe Magazine put out their quarterly Style feature this past weekend. I’m rarely wowed by the content in these but there are always a few things that catch my eye. This time there were three things that made me pay attention:

  1. “The Sunset Lip” – a reinforcing article about how orange and coral tones are the new red
  2. “Carried Away” – a recommendation for the hottest Spring bag, the Rebecca Minkoff “Swing” bag in orange – I wholeheartedly agree!
  3. “Spring’s Most Wearable” – This highlights three runway trends: All white outfits, Wide-leg pants and Longer skirt hems that all work in the realway – particularly at the office. I think wide-leg dress slacks are classic for work and for warm weather (love them in linen) and that an all white emsemble works well as long as there is variation on tone and some great accessories thrown in. I am, however, having trouble with the new longer hemlines. Maybe it’s because I’m petite but I feel the same way about this as I do about Capri style pants. Anything that cuts you off at mid-calf is worth avoiding as it’s rarely flattering.

Check out the feature online. What do you think? What is Spring’s most wearable runway trend?


Style Girl


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