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A Royal Affair

29 Apr

What a morning! It’s only 10:00 and I’ve been up for six hours. I’m not sure if you tuned in live to catch the wedding coverage or if you are digging up details online (or gasp! maybe you don’t care??!!), but this royal wedding really was a flawless, regal event. What I like most about the whole thing is that it’s a love story and how nice to wake up to a love story versus all of the other difficult news we usually wake up to. A breath of fresh air, for sure.

So let’s talk details. What I loved:

The bright red uniform that William chose. I’m glad he didn’t opt for the Navy. He looked confident and bright

The trees in Westminster  – so elegant and modern. They also gave life to what is a relatively grey hall

The hats and headpieces – oh my. I am such a hat fan and only wish that it played a bigger role in American style. British hatmakers (milliners) Philip Treacy and Vivien Sheriff are two of my favorites. Here’s a glimpse of some of the hats donned this morning. If you’re looking for a special headpiece in Boston visit Galvinized Headware in the South End. For a more casual selection of hats, check out Goorin Brothers. The shop just opened on Newbury and is fantastic

Kate’s look. Notice I didn’t necessarily say dress. I thought her Sarah Burton designed dress was lovely – elegant and a nice combination of traditional and modern style. That being said, I didn’t really love the bodice and I thought there was a bit too much lace. Her hair, makeup, the length of her train (prominent but not obnoxious) and her veil were simply perfect. Above all, her demeanor was extremely polished – a true princess

The carriage. How absolutely dreamy. The carriage comes, the sun pops out and the perfect couple wave en route to Buckingham Palace. Between the guards, the swords, the gorgeous guests and the carriage this really was a fairytale

The kiss. Tradition is for the couple to display their first public kiss on the balcony. Usually there is one kiss but we got two! Those cheeky kids…

What didn’t I like? Not much. It’s a formal event and therefore there are some sleepy moments and I did notice the lack of flowers at the event (especially Kate’s tiny bouquet – flowers are normally my favorite part of any wedding). Aside from that we had the regular mix of poorly applied self tanner on many of the women (even on MOH Pippa! In high-def she looked orange) and some poor style choices like Victoria Beckham dressed like she was going to a funeral and Mrs. Cameron’s casual frock (is this a cocktail party or a royal wedding?) but I forgive these trips and bumps.

For full coverage follow the news on BBC or ABC. Some of the British pub online sites also have great pics.


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Store of the Week – The Tannery

26 Apr

The Tannery is a unique store that has done a fantastic job reinventing itself over the years. Now some of you who live in Boston might be surprised by this choice but not only have I found many favorite pairs of shoes on their shelves, I  have also picked up some fantastic dresses and blouses too. I adore many of the unique, small label and luxe clothing brands that they carry and think that the mix of merchandise makes it a “must stop here” on your shopping list. That being said, the merchandise can be a bit overpriced and the owner is known to be quite cranky. So, buyer beware.

The Tannery is best known for being a go-to for footwear – carrying brands that range from Hunter and Sperry to Frye and Marc by Marc Jacobs. With recently revamped expansive retail shops in Back Bay and Harvard Square, The Tannery has expanded its footprint into apparel carrying on-trend looks for men and women that rival some of the better boutiques in Boston. The Tannery also carries high-end gear for the trendy outdoorsman (and woman) so it’s worth checking in  if you’re in the market for a stylish parka.

What are some of my favorite women’s clothing brands at The Tannery?

Butter – Great girly shoes. So in love with these

Sea – Pretty tops and dresses

Steven Alan – Classic clothing with a vintage twist. I like this blue dress

Smythe – Tailored and pretty perfect, this Canadian company delivers gorgeous clothes

Gryphon – A unique NYC based outerwear collection

Erin Kleinberg – I love her silky creations

If you haven’t been to The Tannery in a while, pop by and take a look. If you’re willing to drop $200+, you’ll leave with something quite pretty.


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A Hundred Things to Say

22 Apr

I just realized that yesterday’s post marked my 100th entry. I’m not sure it’s a real milestone but it definitely got me thinking. Who’s reading? Is this interesting? What else do people want to read about? I’m happy to shoot off my random style musings a few times a week (trust me, I could go on forever) but what I want to be sure of is that those of you who click on stylegirlboston like what you see. So send me notes! Give me feedback! Let’s make it to 200 together.


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I’ll Bring Dessert!

20 Apr

I always offer to bring dessert when invited to a dinner party. You can count on me for that. Maybe it’s because I don’t enjoy cooking and the idea of bringing a main course frightens me. More likely it’s that I love sweet things and any opportunity to be in charge of that important part of a meal is one that I’m willing to raise my hand for.

When bringing dessert I like to be creative. Sometimes I bake something homemade but I’ll just as often concoct a creation from store-bought items. Here are some of my favorite desserts for parties (large or small). Yum!

Brownie sundaes – I provide the brownies, ice cream, whipped cream, fudge and berries. For a GREAT brownie, try Fat Witch Bakery

Ice cream sandwiches – I’ve made these myself and I’ve bought them at the store and turned them into bite-sized wonders. I just discovered that our new local ice cream shop, Savin Scoop, will hand-pack fresh ice cream sandwiches on their huge chocolate chip cookies. Perfect for sharing

Whoopie pies – I love whoopie pies. Buy them big and cut them up or make them small for individual servings (hint: you can also get small whoopie pies at Starbucks right now as well as a bunch of other bite-sized treats). Check out local sensation Wicked Whoopies if you haven’t before – these whoopie pies are amazing and when served with vanilla ice cream they are even better!

Cupcakes – They are trendy but oh so perfectly proportioned (assuming you have one).  For a super cheap store-bought solution opt for Funfetti. For a fancier bake at home version, the chocolate and red velvet cupcakes from Sprinkles are to die for (you can buy the mix at Williams-Sonoma). For a store-bought pleasure head over to Sweet or to Kickass Cupcakes. For an added touch, bring milk and silly straws to the party

Chocolate covered fruit – You really can’t go wrong when bringing chocolate covered fruit to a party. Don’t just do strawberries – bring chocolate covered berries and bananas – they are amazing! No time to do it at home? Check out the selection at Finale, Godiva or some of your local bakeries. Another chocolate covered option is chocolate drizzled pretzel rods – easy to make and delish!

Trifle – This couldn’t be an easier dish and it’s a crowd pleaser. Layer whipped cream, brownies, Heath bar bits, cookies and chocolate pudding into a trifle bowl. Repeat the layers, top with whip cream and chocolate shavings then cool for a few hours before serving.  Want a proper recipe? Try this one. Need a proper bowl? Here you go!

Never skip dessert


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It All Comes Around Again

16 Apr

I’m always amazed at how things come in and fall out of style so quickly. I’m also amazed by how quickly things come back around. Last night I spent some time perusing the latest home decor catalogs (yes, I still get catalogs). You know – Pottery Barn, Crate and Barrel, William Sonoma Home – and it struck me that even in home decor, trends are boomerangs. They always come back. They may come back in new and different ways but they really do come back.

Case in point – sea inspired home decor. A few years ago you couldn’t walk in a mall without seeing coral and shells on everything. Coral napkin rings, pillows, framed art…you name it. Fast forward to 2011 and surprise! It’s back. You can buy this, or this, or this or any of this and chances are you bought something similar not too long ago.

Another example? Decorating with white. In 2007 and 2008 this was a major trend. I hope you kept your white pillows and throws because white  is back (you may remember that I wrote about this recently in another post…) For some great white accessories check out West Elm, Crate and Barrel, Lekker and Jonathan Adler.

Another blast from the past? Floral. There are more floral sheets and curtains out there than one person can handle. I personally don’t favor the look, particularly when it all goes a bit country,  but that’s ok – there’s a place for it. For pretty floral numbers, check out Pottery Barn, Target and Garnet Hill. A tip for decorating with floral – don’t overdo it.  Too much floral can turn from pretty to putrid very fast.

The moral of the story is to keep things that you love. There’s a good chance it will come back around.


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Must Love Dogs

4 Apr

I love my dogs. I am borderline obsessed with them.

Why do we love our furry companions so much? It’s their unconditional love for us, that’s why. And our love for them is nearly recession proof. I’ve read a few articles that express this sentiment – check this one out.

Talk about booming industries. There are so many great dog products out there. I can hardly keep track of all the new brands and styles. With Spring’s arrival comes the need to clear out the old stuff and refresh. It’s the perfect time to invest in some new dog toys and leads. What are some of the best products out there? Here’s my list…

Skull & crossbones collars from Mascot – I love these punky collars and leads!

Dog treats by Polka Dog Bakery – these wheat-free, corn-free and soy-free treats are guaranteed to please

Crab leads by Ella Dish – these are so bright and fun – perfect for the summer!

Vineyard Vines Whales – designed by Mascot, these are another perfect summer statement

Orbee-Tuff toys by PlanetDog – these eco-friendly toys are super durable

Waterhog mats by L.L. Bean – I have a mat tucked under all my dog bowls – they work wonders!

Bowls by Popware – I love these colorful, easy to clean, easy to store popable bowls. Great for travel

Fluffy nest beds by Big Shrimpy – My dogs love these beds. They are so soft, durable and cozy. Easy to clean too

Puffy coats and fleece by Mascot – Great styles and easy to put on your pup

Toys by Kong – Tough, durable and safe for your dog

Have a small dog? Check out Trixie + Peanut which features great carriers and super cute clothing . There are also plenty of crazy sites out there to find the latest doggie couture

Want to grab a few doggie gifts locally? Here are a few of my favorite shops in Boston:

Polkadog Bakery – South End

The Fish and Bone – Back Bay

Pawsh Dog Boutique – Back Bay

Skipton Pet Center – South Boston

Woof (and Wink),

Style Girl

Tweets and Faves

2 Apr

Ok friends. I know you’re reading but are you following?

Just a reminder that I am now on Twitter – follow me here. I try to post interesting articles and sales daily. Don’t tweet? Not a problem. Check in with me daily as I update My Favorites page. A new fave every day!

Comments? Ideas? Questions? Send them along. Happy blogging.


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