I’ll Bring Dessert!

20 Apr

I always offer to bring dessert when invited to a dinner party. You can count on me for that. Maybe it’s because I don’t enjoy cooking and the idea of bringing a main course frightens me. More likely it’s that I love sweet things and any opportunity to be in charge of that important part of a meal is one that I’m willing to raise my hand for.

When bringing dessert I like to be creative. Sometimes I bake something homemade but I’ll just as often concoct a creation from store-bought items. Here are some of my favorite desserts for parties (large or small). Yum!

Brownie sundaes – I provide the brownies, ice cream, whipped cream, fudge and berries. For a GREAT brownie, try Fat Witch Bakery

Ice cream sandwiches – I’ve made these myself and I’ve bought them at the store and turned them into bite-sized wonders. I just discovered that our new local ice cream shop, Savin Scoop, will hand-pack fresh ice cream sandwiches on their huge chocolate chip cookies. Perfect for sharing

Whoopie pies – I love whoopie pies. Buy them big and cut them up or make them small for individual servings (hint: you can also get small whoopie pies at Starbucks right now as well as a bunch of other bite-sized treats). Check out local sensation Wicked Whoopies if you haven’t before – these whoopie pies are amazing and when served with vanilla ice cream they are even better!

Cupcakes – They are trendy but oh so perfectly proportioned (assuming you have one).  For a super cheap store-bought solution opt for Funfetti. For a fancier bake at home version, the chocolate and red velvet cupcakes from Sprinkles are to die for (you can buy the mix at Williams-Sonoma). For a store-bought pleasure head over to Sweet or to Kickass Cupcakes. For an added touch, bring milk and silly straws to the party

Chocolate covered fruit – You really can’t go wrong when bringing chocolate covered fruit to a party. Don’t just do strawberries – bring chocolate covered berries and bananas – they are amazing! No time to do it at home? Check out the selection at Finale, Godiva or some of your local bakeries. Another chocolate covered option is chocolate drizzled pretzel rods – easy to make and delish!

Trifle – This couldn’t be an easier dish and it’s a crowd pleaser. Layer whipped cream, brownies, Heath bar bits, cookies and chocolate pudding into a trifle bowl. Repeat the layers, top with whip cream and chocolate shavings then cool for a few hours before serving.  Want a proper recipe? Try this one. Need a proper bowl? Here you go!

Never skip dessert


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One Response to “I’ll Bring Dessert!”

  1. Gail Sommerville April 21, 2011 at 2:53 am #

    The meal may be wonderful but topping it off with a yummy dessert makes it perfect. Love your ideas!

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