A Royal Affair

29 Apr

What a morning! It’s only 10:00 and I’ve been up for six hours. I’m not sure if you tuned in live to catch the wedding coverage or if you are digging up details online (or gasp! maybe you don’t care??!!), but this royal wedding really was a flawless, regal event. What I like most about the whole thing is that it’s a love story and how nice to wake up to a love story versus all of the other difficult news we usually wake up to. A breath of fresh air, for sure.

So let’s talk details. What I loved:

The bright red uniform that William chose. I’m glad he didn’t opt for the Navy. He looked confident and bright

The trees in Westminster  – so elegant and modern. They also gave life to what is a relatively grey hall

The hats and headpieces – oh my. I am such a hat fan and only wish that it played a bigger role in American style. British hatmakers (milliners) Philip Treacy and Vivien Sheriff are two of my favorites. Here’s a glimpse of some of the hats donned this morning. If you’re looking for a special headpiece in Boston visit Galvinized Headware in the South End. For a more casual selection of hats, check out Goorin Brothers. The shop just opened on Newbury and is fantastic

Kate’s look. Notice I didn’t necessarily say dress. I thought her Sarah Burton designed dress was lovely – elegant and a nice combination of traditional and modern style. That being said, I didn’t really love the bodice and I thought there was a bit too much lace. Her hair, makeup, the length of her train (prominent but not obnoxious) and her veil were simply perfect. Above all, her demeanor was extremely polished – a true princess

The carriage. How absolutely dreamy. The carriage comes, the sun pops out and the perfect couple wave en route to Buckingham Palace. Between the guards, the swords, the gorgeous guests and the carriage this really was a fairytale

The kiss. Tradition is for the couple to display their first public kiss on the balcony. Usually there is one kiss but we got two! Those cheeky kids…

What didn’t I like? Not much. It’s a formal event and therefore there are some sleepy moments and I did notice the lack of flowers at the event (especially Kate’s tiny bouquet – flowers are normally my favorite part of any wedding). Aside from that we had the regular mix of poorly applied self tanner on many of the women (even on MOH Pippa! In high-def she looked orange) and some poor style choices like Victoria Beckham dressed like she was going to a funeral and Mrs. Cameron’s casual frock (is this a cocktail party or a royal wedding?) but I forgive these trips and bumps.

For full coverage follow the news on BBC or ABC. Some of the British pub online sites also have great pics.


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