I Am A Warrior

18 May

It’s time to channel your inner warrior. Think Tina Turner in Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome. The tough shoe has arrived for the warm months and I am ready and willing to rock the look. Leather, buckles, straps, hardware, platforms…it’s all the trend. So how can you wear this look without looking like you need to carry a weapon? Here are some ideas:

1) Pair these shoes with flowy fabrics – pantsuits, jumpers, maxi dresses – the soft fabrics balance the look

2) Wear them with short shorts. Shorts are short this season so elongate your leg and sex it up a bit

3) Because a lot of the shoes are super high, it’s a perfect invitation to pair them with skirts – particularly casual choices like denim

Some of these shoes are a bit overkill like the shoes pictured above, this clown-like pair and maybe these (neutral colored but way too complicated). But many are just fun and edgy and when paired with the right outfit they can look great. Here are some of my favorites:

Michael Kors strikes a good balance

Tahari doesn’t disappoint – love this color

Aldo delivers cheap and chic

An edgy and pretty option with soft leather by Cecilia

Luxe and lovely by Fendi

Jessica Simpson has a few great looks this season. I like this one

Love the subtle hardware on this pair by Gucci

I wouldn’t spend a fortune on a pair of warrior sandals but I think it’s worth jumping on board with the trend seeing that you can find a pair at all price points. They also tend to flatter most since they make the legs look a bit longer (who doesn’t want that??)

Throw these on your weekend shopping list.


Style Girl


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