She Wears Short Shorts and Skirts and…

3 Jun

I wish I had long, leggy legs. If I did, maybe I would sport some shorter skirts more often. I’m not a prude and I don’t mind short hemlines but wow, I’ll tell you one thing – tiny skirts, dresses and shorts are in and they are super short. I easily spotted two dozen girls frantically covering their bottoms the other day on Newbury Street when the wind gusts hit.

Short skirts come and go as fast as any trend. Some say the better the economy, the shorter the hemlines. A real testament in confidence? I just believe that short hemlines are fun and hell – it’s summer – so why not? Don’t worry if you’re not a big fan – the hemlines for fall look a bit longer.

There are a lot of ways to wear short hems without looking like a street-walker. A few tips:

Try pairing short dresses with flip-flops, low heels or high boots (to add proportion)

Consider wearing leggings and ballet flats if baring your legs isn’t your first choice

Long sleeve tops with minis look great (and oh so 60s!)

Keep it monochromatic if you want to keep your look simple (the short solid color shirt dress is a perfect example)

Keep accessories at a minimum so you don’t look overdone

Groom and self-tan (if you’re going to sport the legs – give them attention!)

How do you know if a dress or skirt is too short? Bend over, sit down and then cross your legs – you should be able to do all three without embarrassment. Then check your ID – if you’re over the age of 30 triple check your hem length, the time of day and where you plan on wearing your short look. Just remember to keep your bottom covered and your self-respect in check. No one wants to see your panties – even on a windy day.


Style Girl


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