In My Bag

29 Jun

I am a  petite woman. I usually wear heels and  almost always carry a fairly big bag, particularly during the day. I have so many people ask me what I’m carrying and why my bag is so big. I thought this constant question warranted a blog entry.

So in my bag (that I just got on sale at Banana Republic yesterday, btw), I have a host of things that keep me safe, prepared, sane and stylish:

My moleskine journal for all my notekeeping. It also holds my receipts, etc. in the back pocket

My iPhone and my Blackberry (personal and work)

My Gucci wallet (which lacks a proper change purse – a bit annoying actually)

My Tory Burch makeup bag with my essentials such as Kiehl’s lotion, Clinique lipstick, Bobbi Brown bronzer, my Dior Show mascara, a bottle of Essie nail polish, Sara Happ gloss, travel baby powder, a mini-emery board, travel mouthwash, Neutrogena SPF stick, a Tide stain pen, hair ties, blonde bobby pins, my comb and a nice dose of headache meds

My sunglasses

My iPod downloaded with the latest Radiohead, Britney Spears, Paul Simon and Pete Yorn

My keys (on my union jack key ring)

A bottle of water

My Kindle

Two packs of Trident whitening gum in peppermint

A pair of black CitySlips

Chocolate (a mini York Peppermint Patty to be precise)

My stash (and my bag) tends to change daily but I am always well equipped. Makes me feel ready to take on the world – or at least the day. How do you prepare?


Style Girl


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