Goodbye Amy Winehouse

24 Jul

As I write this I am listening to one of my favorite albums, Back to Black. Unless you live in a cave or have been on a fab beach vacation without your iPhone, you know that Amy Winehouse was found dead in her London apartment yesterday. It’s a sad, but not surprising, story. She was a really talented, really disturbed young woman. She was also one of the most striking individuals on the music scene. Her sound was unique and her style was too. Love her or hate her, Amy Winehouse deserves credit for maintaining a fierce streak of individuality – something that wanes far too often today. A few style lessons I take from the late artist:

Love your legs? Flaunt them – this girl rocked the mini quite well

Accent your best features – in addition to her long legs, she had pretty eyes…and boy did she work the eyeliner to play them up

Use color – Amy wasn’t afraid of color – no one should be!

Pay attention to your hair – while her bouffant was a bit overdone she always looked done up. A girl should never ignore her locks

Be authentic – Amy was who she was…a grossly talented, funky, cool, addicted individual and she never pretended to be someone she wasn’t. She set the stage for other musical artists by bringing her soul sound mainstream and one could argue that her sense of style helped pave the way for those like Katy Perry (I mean, Amy did rock the bustier first…)

So RIP Amy Winehouse and thanks for the bit of funk and fun that you added to our lives.


Style Girl



One Response to “Goodbye Amy Winehouse”

  1. La Shay August 3, 2011 at 9:30 pm #

    Hello Style Girl!

    I really appreciate your perspective on Amy Winehouse’s passing. Although as you stated, it was not surprising, it certainly isn’t fodder for the media or other folks to use as something to prod with a stick. I feel you did something far more graceful. All that has been said about her has been too generalized for a person with such individuality. I did not know her music all that well, but certainly recognized that she siphoned attention from everyone, without them even knowing it.

    She was a distinct personality, and with no apologies for it. You brought to light exactly what we should appreciate about ourselves and other people…being who we are, unlike anyone else and owning it. As is the point of having personal style!

    Thank you for taking something so serious that has been exploited world-wide and reminding us that there is something unique to appreciate in everyone!

    Wink Back Atchya!!
    La Shay

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