Trending for Fall…

30 Sep

There are certainly a lot of new color palettes and beauty trends out there this fall. I am a huge fan of the harvest colors and have actually incorporated a little more red into my wardrobe (see below). As for beauty trends, I won’t be doing the whole powdered complexion, nude lip and high hair thing but I am loving the dark lips, dramatic eyes and long hair. I wish I could score some chunky bangs too but my fine, limp hair won’t allow me to. What trends will you be sporting? Check out this little visual tour of runway trends from In my opinion much of the runway isn’t realway but it definitely serves as inspiration!

As for my red pieces…

You already know about my fab Rebecca Taylor dress

I bought a really cute red cape at Forever 21 (channeling Little Red Riding Hood, clearly)

I got this red blouse by Joie at Milly & Grace in Nantucket (one of my fave ACK shops)

And a new red lipstick – Vintage Red by Bobbi Brown

That’ll do for now.


Style Girl



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