A Birthday Wish

13 Oct

Next Wednesday I will be another year older. A little bit wiser…and definitely older. As I think about this mini-milestone and how to celebrate it, I reflect a bit on where I am in my life today. There are many wonderful things – I have a new baby, I have finally finished graduate school, I have many wonderful friends and a good selection of shoes…but there are a few challenges that make the day-to-day rush a bit challening. For example,  I am 1-2 sizes LARGER than I was last summer (which has major wardrobe implications) and my budget to remedy the wardrobe issue is seriously diminished due to paying out the nose for childcare. So while my taste remains, my wallet has shrunk. What’s a birthday girl to do? I always treat myself to some birthday presents (who doesn’t?) but this year I’ll have to rely on others. So, I thought a little list would help.

Here are a few items that I would be more than happy to receive:

A new sound system for my office (I need to create a stimulating, fun environment!)

An iPad to play on (and my son will use it too…eventually…I think…)

A new pair of earrings from David Yurman (I wear my other pair all the time!)

A DVF wrap dress (helps hide the larger waist line!)

A new bag in a fresh color (I could always use another bag but ok…this one is a bit luxe – this one will work instead)

A pair of riding boots for play and a pair of boots for work (in grey)

A few treats from Anthropologie such as this or that

A gift card to Gretta Cole, Marc Harris or G20 Spa (no explanation needed!)

A pilates or fitness training package (see waistline comment above)

I have been eyeing these mirrors for a while (I know exactly where they will go)

This pouf would look so great in my place (perfect moveable seating!)

I just realized that this entry could go on for pages. I’m not selfish, I swear. Just dreamy. If you need more ideas…you know, in case you’re looking to get me something for my, um…birthday, check out the Daily Faves page.

Bring on the cupcakes and balloons (hint)! May 25 be my best year yet! (no comments, please)


Style Girl


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