I Heart Etsy

26 Oct

For most of you, Etsy is certainly not a new go-to site but just because it isn’t new doesn’t mean it isn’t fabulous. I love, love, love Etsy. I love that I can find creative gifts on Etsy. I love that I have fun browsing through Etsy. I love that all the items I have gotten from Etsy have been ordered and delivered hassle free. And I really love that Etsy provides a platform for creatives of all types to come together and market their art. It’s just that cool.

If you’re unfamiliar with the site – check it out. A warning that the search tool can be tricky so you may need to keep search terms to a minimum in order to get the variety of results that you’re looking for. Other than that, the site is a breeze to use and “membership” is free. You all know I love to find treasures. Well Etsy is one big treasure hunt! I am always surprised with the things that I find and am marveled by the talent out there (I’ve got to find some!).

What treasures have I found recently?

A mobile for my son’s nursery – I hate plastic mobiles and most other plastic baby things. This pretty little mobile (pictured above) is vibrant, soft and generally non-offensive

Pretty glasses – juice, water or hell..even vino is made much more fun in these colorful little wonders

Cozy cowl – I just got this in the mail and am in love. A cowl is a great way to keep warm without bulking up on heavy sweaters!

Gorgeous pillows for my bedroom – The quality of these pillows far surpasses the price. I would have paid much more in a boutique

This amazing lamp – I wound up buying this lamp (in cream) from the designer himself (Lawrence McRae – he’s local to Boston, see my earlier post featuring his work) but much of his line is carried on Etsy

Thank you cards – It’s easy to find pretty cards now that letterpress is so commonplace and stores like Paper Source have saved us from the big box greeting card lines but I can’t help but feel good supporting the independents out there

And most recently I ordered a fun print for my son’s room – “Keep Calm and Love Dogs” – is the key to happiness really that simple? Maybe…

I plan to head back to Etsy in a week or two to find some creative holiday decor. Until then – happy treasure hunting!


Style Girl


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