Halloween Tricks and Treats

31 Oct

I hate being scared. Or maybe I love being scared but hate how scary things dwell in my mind for DAYS after I initally get scared (hello American Horror Story! – why do I watch this show ?!). Regardless, I always have fun celebrating all things scary on Halloween. It’s such a fun holiday.

Every Halloween we host a little get together at our house where we serve up vino, munchies and A LOT of chocolate – cheap and cheerful.  We get a ton of trick-or-treaters so hanging in and watching all the little dragons, ninjas and princesses march by is as entertaining as it gets.

What are some of my favorite Halloween tricks and treats? If you’re hosting a little get together, it’s easy to squeeze a little fun out of this fright night.

Play scary movies as a soundtrack

Place masks at each place setting (see example to the right – this was from my dinner party on Saturday)

Use candy corn as vase fillers (note that this works best with dried arrangements or candles)

Put mini-pumpkins everywhere! From mantel decor to place card holder, these buggers are cute!

Sprinkle spiders around the table as confetti

Serve thematic appetizers like deviled eggs or other dark delectables

Whip up a witches brew as a signature drink

Send each guest away with some treats and be creative about what to use as carriers – carved out sugar pumpkins are adorable as are white bags painted as ghosts

Want the creepiest, quickest decor? Stretchy spider webs. These things give off great effect but warning: cleaning them up can be a real chore

Make ghosts! Take a balloon and put a simple white sheet over it. Tie with twine and boo…simple and freaky (see pic to the right of one of my recent ghosts)

No time to bake dessert? Halloween candy and ice cream do the trick. If you have time, mash it and mix it up!

Use Halloween garland as napkin holders (see pic to the right – I did this on Saturday night too!)

Use pumpkins, gourds and candles as centerpieces – skip the fancy flora

If you’ve got the space, a pinata is a whole lotta fun! (yes, especially for adults)

Looking for more ideas? Check out the Halloween centers on Rachael Ray’s or Martha Stewart’s sites or pop into your local iParty or Target for some last minute decor.

Enjoy being weird and creative – it’s one of the few holidays where you can get away with it!


Style Girl

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