What I Learned at Neiman Marcus

16 Dec

The other night our company hosted a little event at Neiman Marcus. It was an event focused on style – dressing for success – for work and play (yay, holiday parties!). Let me first say that I didn’t learn anything entirely new BUT I was reminded of many important style lessons and was exposed to some great trends for holiday dressing. So I figured I’d share what I learned at Neiman Marcus (while drinking champagne, of course…)

Lesson 1: First impressions are influenced more by how you look than what you say (only 7% of people seem to listen!)

Lesson 2: Don’t worry about size – ever. Worry about fit. Sizes are only meant as guides – not rules

Lesson 3: Don’t be afraid to mix patterns and colors but be careful about putting too much pattern on places that you want to play down (a larger bust, wider hips, etc.)

Lesson 4: Sequins are fun but they draw attention so be careful wearing shiny pieces – matte sequins are more flattering and can also transition from day wear into evening wear more easily

Lesson 5: Velvet and crushed corduroy are in – for men and women – embrace it!

Lesson 6: Colorblocking works – it’s generally flattering and it adds interest.  Try it

Lesson 7: Pay attention to the drape of a fabric. It can make all the difference

Lesson 8: Accessorize! Being under-accessorized can age you

Lesson 9: Leave the long black coat in the closet. Colored coats are a must

Lesson 10: You are better off filling your closet with dresses than skirts. Dresses are more flexible wardrobe pieces

Lesson 11: When dressing in separates, balance your look – pattern on top, simple on bottom and vice versa

Lesson 12: Adding collars (esp. faux fur for winter) can dress up anything

Lesson 13: Love thy tweed blazer!

Lesson 14: Aubergine, Aubergine, Aubgerine

Lesson 15: Pick up a bow tie for your man – it’s what the best dressed are wearing

What lesson do you love?


Style Girl


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