It’s January 25

25 Jan

Welcome 2012! I know I’m over three weeks late with this sentiment but it’s purposeful. I don’t believe in New Year resolutions. I don’t believe that just because the calendar strikes January 1 that you have to drop all bad habits and enter some course of redemption. For many years I would write out a list on January 1st of all of the things I wanted to change, you know, all the ways I would improve myself. Here’s what happened: I’m write it down, I’d try it and then I’d either fail (which made me feel worse) or forget about it (which means it was just an exercise in writing something down). So, I decided that January is really just a time for bad weather, comfort food, after Christmas sales and a new calendar.

Here’s what I do believe: every day when you wake up you can decide you want to change something. It doesn’t matter what day it is on the calendar. The 25th of the month is just as good as the 1st of the month. I’d be a liar if I didn’t say there are things I want to do better. There are a lot of things that I need to work on but that’s kind of the point of everything, right? We all need something to work towards. Having that “something” gives purpose and structure. That being said, I have decided to focus less on the things I want to improve upon and more upon the things I want to try or learn. That, to me, is constructive. That, to me, is improvement.

So what am I going to try this year? Well, here’s a start:

  • In 2010 I flew in a hot air balloon. In 2011 I went parasailing. In 2012 I will skydive
  • I want to visit a few new states. I’m not picky, but there are quite a few I haven’t been to and it’s time that I explore a little bit between the coasts
  • I want to learn how to cook something really, really well. I can’t really cook so I’m interested to see how this goal plays out
  • I want to find the perfect black bag. I still haven’t found it
  • I want to go see live music once a month
  • I want to continue my quest to learn some French. Pourquoi? We are heading to France in August for vacation and I want to order off a menu in a cafe with confidence. I have a few great scarfs to choose from for the occasion
  • I want to be a fun, creative mom. I’m young and I have energy and my health. Life is too short to sit around so I plan to have a lot of fun with my son
  • I want to find a pair of riding boots that make my calves look skinny. Maybe they should be called “miracle boots” but still…they must exist
  • I want to try, try, and try again to find some kind of balance between work, home and me. There is no perfect equation but I’m confident that there is time for all of these things
  • I want to try reiki and learn how to meditate (for those of you who know me, you know I will fail at this…it’s ok)

So, I’ll get started on some of these things and if life works the way it is supposed to, I’ll have an even better list in a few months. One that is filled with a bunch of things I hadn’t thought about learning yet. As Maria Robinson once said, “Nobody can go back and start a new beginning, but anyone can start today and make a new ending.”

Here’s to a great year.


Style Girl


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